Thursday, July 19, 2012


 At Goodwin Mill And Cabinet nothing is standing still.  In fact, things are moving forward at an alarming pace.  The next job I'm going to profile here is the Porter home up in the Cliffs subdivision.
 The builder is a gentleman named Tad Porter of Porter Custom Homes.  We've done work for him before and enjoy his professionalism!  He's a great contractor.  I'll try to find a link to his website and include it.
 Before I start showcasing our work in this home, I wanted to give you an idea what the house and area were like.  The first two pics show the incredible custom wood beam ceilings.  We did not do the ceiling beams in this home.  I'm not sure who to give the credit to, but I think they are interesting and I wanted to show them because I think it helps you get a feeling for the taste and style of the owners of this home.  Personally, I think they are just marvelous!  It's made me think about different things we could do with our custom ceilings.  If I can find out who did the beams, I will include a link if they have a site.  Check back for an update.
 The next few pics attempt to show you what this house enjoys for a view.  You get great views of the incredible red rock mountains surrounding the area.  The lots themselves sit at the base of a range of these red cliffs.  Hence the name, "The Cliffs".
You can see another house being built across the street.  This lets you know how popular the area is.  Everyone wants to live there.  The third pic is taken directly from the garage where one might be standing if you were walking out to the driveway.  Isn't that incredible?

 This next pic is a sneak preview of sorts.  This odd looking ceiling actually mirrors an island we're putting below it.  It's also a peek at the cabinets already up in the kitchen.  The color for this house is Antique Mahogany.  The island will actually be Green Grasses, but the majority of the cabinetry is the Antique Mahogany.
The final pic in this entry is of the exterior entryway.  As you can see, the custom ceiling treatment is done out here as well.  It adds a touch of rustic charm to the home and even though this type of addition is often highly associated with a southwestern look, the home manages to keep clean, modern lines and achieves a strong sense of space and balance.  I absolutely love it!
I hope you're looking forward to seeing some of the incredible cabinetry Goodwin Mill And Cabinet has created for this home.  I'm excited to show them to you.  But we must have patience and you must wait another day until I can post a detailed entry on this house.  Until then, call Goodwin Mill And Cabinet today to set up your appointment to create your dream kitchen!

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