Thursday, May 31, 2012


 The holiday provided an extra day to work on the trailer and the boys got quite a bit done.  As you can see they got started on the box for the front of the trailer.  It will be covered with Rhino liner to blend in with the top.
 This is the front view of the box.  The battery will go in the right section.  There is enough room to stack two batteries if they decide to get another one.  The center section will get the ice coolers for the air conditioning, and the left section will hold a propane bottle or other stuff they need to haul.
 They cut in the stove and that required cutting into the sleeping compartment by about a quarter inch.  This pic shows the removable cover.
 This is how the oven and cooktop look set into the counter.  It will be attached to sliders so you can pull it out for cooking.
 Kent got one of the doors hung today.  This next pic is a view from the inside.  They actually have the locking handle on the door but it was done after the pic was taken.
This is how the door looks from the outside.  They haven't put the glass in the frame yet, but will do so during the upcoming week.

And there you have another gallery about the teardrop trailer and how the brothers created this amazing item.  They've recently been approached to build a larger scale trailer by a scout troop.  Whether or not they take the challenge remains to be seen.  But you can start building something you've dreamed of today!  Start by visiting Goodwin Mill And Cabinet online and then setting up your appointment to meet with a designer today.  They'll help you build your dreams.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've been wanting to do a series on the guys who work at the shop.  I want you to get a sense of the craftsmen who work here and what they actually do, etc. etc.  

Today, I'm doing my first entry in this series and I decided to write about Greg Goodwin.  Greg is Kent's youngest.  He's part of the family, but he's also a necessary part of the Goodwin tradition and strive for excellence.

Greg has become the jack of all trades out in the shop.  He knows how to do just about everything.  From mill work to finish work, Greg's your guy.

Yesterday I watched him spend most of his day back in the mill cutting down material for posts.  He also worked on milling finish material from a job.  He cut down casing, crown and some light rail.

Greg knows how to assemble cabinets and doors.  He can sand and stain them.  He can also finish them.  He's worked with every major piece of equipment we've got out there.  He is also part of the delivery and installation team.  In many ways, what Greg is doing is smart.  He's learning the entire business from the ground up.  When the time comes for someone to step up in the next generation and take over the company, Greg is right in line.  He knows how things happen back there and could work in each area.  It's really amazing!

Greg's worked at the shop for some time now.  He's balancing his school work with his shop work.  It's not much longer before he's running some stuff back there.  Even at his young age.

You can get to know Greg better by going to Goodwin Mill And and reading about the company he's being groomed to take over.  You will gain a lot of info on the business and the traditions Greg has to live up to.  Check it out.


 Here are some pictures of some of the things the boys did on the trailer today.  First off they insulated the roof and completed the skin on the roof.  They also fastened the roof fan in place after applying some water proof mastic.
 You can see in the second pic the front of the trailer.  You will notice the little black square and the white pipe.  That's the fan and air inlet for our cooler.  When we get the box on the front it will have a space for ice.  The fan blows air into the ice chest and up through the pipe and into the trailer.  It is supposed to cool the room up to 30 degrees.
 Next is the DVD player.  It is wired up and working now.  It hangs in the little tray on the door and can be tilted to the proper viewing angle.  You can see the 12 volt outlet in the ceiling.  It can work off the trailer battery of the DVD battery.
 The next photo shows the front of the cooling system.  The large grill on the right is the outlet fan, and the grill on the left is the inlet.  In the middle is the switch to turn it on or off.
The last pic shows the plumbing for the sink.  The water drains out the bottom of the trailer to a bucket for disposal.  We will be working on the trailer again soon.  Kent will be working on the doors while Chris tries to complete everything in the hatch.  As always, you can read more about the exciting world of Goodwin Mill And Cabinet at the website.  Just follow the link.  Maybe you want a teardrop trailer too.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 So I decided today would be a good day to feature a piece of equipment in our shop.  Especially because we're thinking about selling it to make room for a new item.  This is what is called an "Edgebander".
 An edgebander is an interesting machine.  It lets you attach a thin layer of material to the edge of a board.  For example...  Let's say you have a piece of melamine that's white on both sides...
 However, the sides show the particle board the material is actually made from.  You can take a piece of edge banding that is white like the melamine sides and run it along with the material through the bander.
 The bander will apply a layer of glue to the side, seal the melamine layer on top of it and trim the pieces so they fit exactly.  By the time the board comes out, it's melamine everywhere you want it to be.
 The conveyer belt grips the board and runs it through.  With one man on the end feeding the material in and one on the other end catching, the process can happen rather quickly.
 The glue is deposited in a heated container along the front of the machine where it melts down from small pellets into the epoxy used to hold the banding material to the wood.  It's fascinating to watch. 
 The height and width are adjustable making it possible to band just about anything...  Under reasonable allowances of course.  It truly is one of the more remarkable machines in our shop.
 In addition to these pics, I also have two vid clips Kent took of the machine in action.  I've uploaded them to our youtube channel, but if you're interested, here's the FIRST one and here's the SECOND one.
I think people are always a little surprised when they see how things they take for granted are made.  Hopefully, this will be only one of a few newer entries about the machines in our shop and how we use them.  In the meantime, if you think this is something you would like to own, feel free to contact me.  Like I stated, I'm pretty sure this is something they want to sell to make room for a cnc router.  Go to Goodwin Mill And Cabinet for more info.


 One of the great benefits of working at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is the opportunity to see the area in all its glory.  This amazing view is one I snapped while driving to the Brown House in Sky Ranch.  This is the Sand Hollow reservoir.  Its got sandy beaches and the most amazing views.  What an awesome part of the day driving past that was.

 Now some of you knew about this, but a few weeks ago, I got this nifty little cut on a hole saw while working on a bench/shelf.  Let this be a lesson to you.
 Here's my finger again last week before the stitches came out.  Let me tell ya, that was an exciting couple of weeks there.
So this is where I've decided to turn the entry into a bit of a horror flick.  Here's a recent pic of me...  OOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhh, spooky I know.  This photograph was actually taken in Cedar City last week at the Colbert Residence.  I'm planning an interview with Rebecca Colbert, the woman behind the cabinets.  I'd really like to show you the thought process of someone as they pick their cabinets and design their house.  I've been so impressed with the flow of the Colbert home...
 I wanted to share that fascination with you.  These other pics you see here are a small job we did in Cedar City.  This kitchen replaced one in an older townhome.
 It's simple, but elegant and functional.  I really like some of the additions Chris designed that help punch this job up from nice to amazing.  Well done.
This final photo is one I wanted to share because I thought it was so interesting.  The area is Dixie Springs near Hurricane, but that's a hawk on that cinder block fence.  This awesome bird landed and stared at me while I was loading the truck.  I snapped what I hoped was a great pic.  He was magnificent.

St. George really is an amazing place to live as these pics demonstrate.   In the past few days, I've traveled to Cedar City, Hurricane, Sky Ranch and Dixie Springs.  There is always something new and exciting to see and do.  Being a part of Goodwin Mill And Cabinet helps open doors to the community.  It's an exciting world for sure.  For more information about bringing our exciting world into your own contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  You won't be disappointed.