Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 More progress this week.  The boys completed the trim on the other side of the trailer and put the finish Automotive lacquer on the two sides.  It's a relief to have the trim done as it took awhile to do.  They only have small things to do now until they get ready to spray the roof.
 Here is a view of the back and the trim that covers the trailer frame.  As you can see, it cleans up the look of the back pretty well.  It also has a bit of a shine to it now.  That will increase once a finish Automotive coat is put on.
 The mattress fits into the sleeping compartment perfectly.  Kent's wife, Fern made a cover for the mattress so it would stay clean.  It looks and feels quite comfortable.  Even just looking at it.

Folding the mattress back exposes the carpet they laid.  It really gave the compartment a finished look.  They still have some tacking to do, but it is officially in and it looks good.

For more information on the teardrop trailer, the Goodwin brothers or Goodwin Mill And Cabinet, you can check out our website online.

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