Monday, October 17, 2016


GOODWIN MILL AND CABINETS has been getting a lot of requests on our Facebook page to indicate a price range for our cabinets.  I'd like to address that with this blog post.

Let me start by saying, like most big ticket items, cabinetry can vary in price based on a number of things.  Just like when you shop for a car...  If you want a luxury model, you will pay a lot more and if you go with a more standard quality cabinet, you'll pay less.

The reason why it's hard for me to specify our pricing is because we offer both.  We can do a simple cost effective cabinet and create a kitchen to fit a smaller budget...  But at the same time, we can do a luxury kitchen with all sorts of upgrades, bells & whistles. 

We currently have a client we work with who has developed townhomes.  The units are uniform in design and we essentially repeat the design in each unit.  The only difference is in the actual usable space available once the framing is complete.  We alter each unit plan to fit the real space.  These cabinets are super simple and extremely inexpensive.  The same builder also builds custom homes for his clients.  In those cases, we can get some super involved plans and kitchens that require a lot of work.  

Now in the past, we've discussed quality and how sometimes the cheapest price isn't the best choice.  And we also know even though there is an industry standard for cabinetry in Southern Utah, there are also cabinet makers who cut corners and use cheaper materials to build their cabinets and deflate their price.  Even though these prices seem like the best deal, you later end up paying even more when you have to replace parts or hardware.

In the end, the best way to determine the price of cabinetry is to specify exactly what you want, i.e., a luxury or economy or somewhere in between...  Kitchen and let us bid the plan.  With bids in hand you can shop around and see where the different cabinet professionals in our area come out price wise and you can make an informed decision then.

In the meantime, if you want to know our price range...  We can do the low-end economy cabinets (I.e., the 1 star) and we can do the high-end expensive luxury cabinets (i.e., the 5 star) and just about everything in between.  We've got you covered!