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So yesterday I posted a teaser blog about Goodwin Mill And Cabinet doing a job in the Cliffs subdivision for GC Tad Porter.  Today I'm actually going to show you some of the work.  I want to do this in two blog entries though.  This one will show the work in progress and a later one will show the work when it's completed.  Also, I only have pics of the cabinet work that was installed while I was there.  The bathrooms were being worked on after the cabinetry was installed so I couldn't get in to get pics, but you will get to see it.  
 This first photo shows the vanity and flanking cabinets in the Casita.  The open cabinet actually has finished shelves in it and looks fantastic!  The drawer bank is always necessary for bathroom cabinetry.  As I mentioned the other day, the cabinets in the main house are almost all Antique Mahogany color.  The Casita uses the same.
 Now we're onto the kitchen!  This first pic shows an interesting cabinet.  It's actually two tall cabinets built together.  The wall behind them had such an interesting angle and the cabinets were going to have a gradual widening anyway, so we put them together.  This is one of the most interesting cabinets we've done.
As you can see, it sits beside the opening for the fridge.  There's the upper above the fridge and then a bank of uppers with glass doors.  I always love these showcase doors.  I think they're lovely and a great addition to any cabinet set.  The glass isn't set yet but you can see the inside is finished to match the face frame and there are finished shelves as well.
 The next pics show the hood.  These uppers are across from the ones I just showed you.  The hood goes all the way to the ceiling.  And there's another showcase cabinet with glass doors!  Wow!  Can you picture it?  The middle cabinet in the hood is actually just an enclosure for vent work.  It's not finished inside and will probably never be.  But then the only people who will actually open it are HVAC guys.  Still, I like the idea of it and it's smart to have such a functional cabinet and make it pretty.
 Next we show the cabinets to the right of the hood.  There are three you can see in this pic.  From left to right the first is the recessed thin cabinet.  The second has a space for the microwave while the third is a full length floor unit with a space for the oven.  I really like the way this section was designed because you have a gradual three step from the recessed cabinet to the floor unit.  When you look at them with the hood, it looks even more interesting.  There's some great geometric flow happening here.
 This pic shows the showcase cabinet, the hood and you get a better side view of the step pattern from the previous pic.  As you can see, only the right side and the hood have the crown molding on.  The right side took place later.
 This photo is an attempt to show the other wall with the angle cabinet and the two showcase uppers.  There's Greg, one of our crew and part of the installation team.  You can also see the wall frame we built along the back of the base cabinets.  A beautiful barback was attached shortly after I took this pic and I will show you that in a minute.
 These are the base cabinets.  The area on the ground where you see pipes sticking up is where the island will go.  As you can see, the base units run along the wall and then curve out and around along the wall we built to attach the barback.  At this point, the barback was on, but we're looking at it from inside the kitchen.
 These next two pics are of the barback.  I wanted to show it from the great room.  This is how the kitchen will look as you approach from anywhere else in the house.  That nice dramatic flow of the upper units and that gorgeous barback...  I can't wait to see it with counter tops on.
This is closer view of the barback.  I was trying to get rid of the glare from the big picture window nearby.  This house sits north to south in the lot, so it doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight, but it does get amazing natural light.  Lots of it.
 This is the laundry room.  With doors on both ends of the room, there's only the two walls to put cabinets on.  This side has a full length cabinet with a row of uppers and then a desk with two drawers.  The Antique Mahogany looks amazing in this room and really pops out with the wall color.  I think this room displays the color best.
 Here's the other side.  There's a vanity for a sink and then space for the washer/dryer.  There's a row of uppers and I believe there will be a closet rod hung under the smaller upper.  It will go from the finished side of that larger three door upper to the wall.
 The last two pics I have are of the vanity in the guest bath.  I saved these pics for last because of all the cabinets in this home, this one is really pretty and exceptional.  I love the door design and I really love the way the bottom of the cabinet was cut.
 I think this cabinet is quite fancy and a great example of some of the custom work you can find at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  If you can dream it up, we can build it.  I also love the turn posts on both sides.  It gives the unit a sturdy look and quite frankly increases the ornamental quality.  

There are more pics coming.  I'll get more once everything is installed and you can see how it all fit together.  This is the fourth or fifth house we've installed using our new system and as in the past, it's been effective and saved time.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is dedicated to producing exceptional cabinetry and timely installations.  Call today to set up an appointment with one of our Design specialists today and be on your way to having your dream kitchen!  We'll build 'em to fit your space!

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