Monday, July 2, 2012


This property is located in Springdale, UT.  For those of you who don't know where that is, it's right next to Zions National Park.  It's a seriously beautiful place.  But more about that later.  This first pic shows the major piece Goodwin Mill And Cabinet did for the home.  It's a wall unit featuring a fridge flanked by pantry cabinets with lower drawers.  It's also distinct because it's the only unit in the entire home that is this color.  The rest of the cabinets in the Kitchen are original to the house and are a natural pine color.  The bathroom vanities we added to the guest bath, powder room and master bath have all been stained to match this color.
The second pic is the guest bathroom vanity.  It has two drawer banks and the sink unit.  The doors and drawer fronts are all recessed panels.  The second vanity looks like a
drawer unit.  It is actually a sink unit with a door made to look like a bank of drawers.  We've used this method on a couple of cabinets recently and it's really amazing how well they turn out.  The counter tops actually match.  It looks more yellow in the first pic than the second.  And the color looks a little different on the finish, but they are actually the same.  The next two pics are of the vanity bank in the master bath.

This one is similar to the powder room because the sink cabinets employ the same false front technique using drawer fronts as doors.  The real drawer bank is in the center.  

Notice the lowest drawer is missing on both vanities...  It's actually a shelf.  It really gives the master bank a cool look.  It's a unique piece.

That's basically it for our work, but I wanted to show you some other pics today.  This property is being remodeled by Brandon Neilsen of Jensen + Sons Construction.
The first pic shows you the open space of the great room.  They changed a lot in this house.  The second pic shows you the ceiling because I wanted to show the beams up there.
The next three photographs are pics of the views you get from this cabin.  This first one is right out the front door.  There's a bit of a dirt mound.
The beams continue outside the great room.  This section is outside under the overhang above the porch.  Look at that gorgeous blue sky...

And finally, here's just one of the astounding views this family gets to enjoy.  It's breathtaking.  If I'd been able to take some before pics, you'd be amazed at how much progress Brandon Nielsen has made on this property.  It's incredible.  You can find out more about him and his cohorts at Jensen + Sons.  You can learn more about the incredible cabinets by visiting Goodwin Mill And Cabinet online.  Call and set up your appointment today.

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