Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's another great day at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  Literally minutes after writing that last blog, I headed back over to Re/Max Associates to install some handles.
 I took some pics I wanted to post.  The first is of the reception area.  As you can see, they're moving in and trying to get set up.  Siera Olsen is the young lady at the front desk.  She kindly consented to be in the pic.
 So the first pic shows the counter tops they used.  It's not granite, but a granite looking laminate.  Very authentic looking.  The second pic shows the base we put in along the front of the desk.  We produced it ourselves.
The third pic is the back section behind the front desk where most of the filing will occur.  I just wanted to show it with the top on.  The final pic is over the media center in the conference room.  We made and installed the counter top in here and I wanted you to see it.  Since the unit wasn't staged yet, I didn't want to grab a wide angle shot.  Instead, I picked a corner that showed off the top and some of the accent pieces that would sit there.

Treat yourself to a visit to the Re/Max Associates offices to check out the handy work.  You can link to their site and get all the contact information.  For those of you who are familiar with St. George, they are kitty-corner from the Tabernacle.

JMI Constructors has a page devoted to the project.  You can read about their process and find out more information concerning this exciting builder by linking to their site.

And as always, you can set up your appointment for information on ordering your own custom cabinet job!  Just go to Goodwin Mill And Cabinet online for contact information and give them a call today!  They've got someone waiting to help you make your dreams become reality.  Consult with a design specialist today!

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