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 Another wonderful day at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  As much as I love these new pics I have of the Cliffs job, I still hope to get in one more time before the job closes.  This blog entry will show you almost everything we did in the home with the exception of the doors (as they are not all hung yet), and some hardware.  We don't always get the chance to show cabinetry in a home after it's decorated; but it would be wonderful if we could showcase all of our jobs.

 The first few pics are of the Casita again.  Here is the main kitchen area.  You've got the small sink on the base vanity, space for a small fridge and some granite for the counter.  The upper has a space for a microwave.  

Originally, these shelves were open, but they owners added the lower cabinets on them.  I think the previous photos showed the shelving without these base cabinets.  The shelves are built right into the wall and they are finished on both sides with the one exposed front.  This set, if you're looking straight ahead, is on the right hand side directly behind the entry door.  The next photo shows the left hand side.  This one sits beside a rather large window and gets lots of natural light.  Because of this, getting a descent shot is kind of hard.  But   I think I got one here.  The window is partly showing and that gives you an idea how big it is on that wall.  It's a nice design.

 This photo is the vanity in the Casita bathroom.  I really love the finished shelf section with the rounded top.  It's not a big unit, but the finished shelving flows into the main room and gives the vanity a unique look.

 This is the specialty door we made specifically for this home.  I've got a contest running to name it right now.  So far, I've got about 6 entries.  6 suggestions for name.  We need to get more in order for this to work.  Please feel free to text me if you have a name suggest.  Remember, you can win a Subway gift card.
 This is the vanity in the guest bathroom in the main house.  Like the Casita bathroom, it has a section of open finished shelves.  The sink is an under-mount and already installed to the granite counter.  They still need to install the faucets.
 This is a head-on view of the vanity.  I think this view with the lighting really shows off the color of the stain.  It looks incredible.  Especially with the softer colors in the tile, counters and wall paint.  The cabinets really pop!
 This job has another couple of features I want to point out and this one is in the master bedroom.  We have two cabinets built into the wall.  Both are smaller units.  I think they are storage space for movies or DVD/Blu-ray player.  They're both simple shelf units.  I've got a photo of the other one.  I'll show it when we get to the Great Room.
 Now here's the master bath.  I took this shot from the tub, (which had not yet been installed).  I climbed in the opening so I could get a wide angle.  I also grabbed pics of the cabinets in sections.  
 This is the first section and as you can see, it has the sink vanity and then a drawer bank.  There is a smaller cabinet attached to the desk.  I'm not sure how the mirrors and lights are laid out, but I'm sure it's going to look amazing.
 Here's the second section. Like the first section, there's the sink vanity and a drawer bank.  The tile on the floor here is much darker.  I think it makes the cabinet color look richer.
 This unique piece is the vanity in the powder room. See the small hole in the middle of the granite counter?  This will be a sink that sits on top of the counter.  They are very cool.  The Brown house in Sky Ranch had one.
 This is the second wall unit.  It's located right next to the fireplace in the great room.  We also did the mantle above the fireplace. I'm not sure what the material is on the door, but it looks cool.
 And here's the Kitchen.  This is an outside shot of the barback.  This is a more complete view of this section of the lower bank.  There will probably be stools or chairs running along here.
 This is the full West wall of the Kitchen.  From left to right you have the glass door uppers, the stove top and range hood, counter space and a place for a microwave and finally a cabinet that will hold the oven.
 The island is a bold space of color in the Kitchen.  It's colored Green Grasses and  also has an under-mount sink.  The shape is another thing to mention because the island was designed to match a pattern in the ceiling.
 This is the East wall of the Kitchen.  From left to right, you have a pantry cabinet.  It's a full length shelf unit.  Then you have the space for the fridge with a small upper.  And finally, a row of glass door uppers and a row of base shelf units. 
 As you come around the corner on the East wall, you have this section.  There's some shelf units up and down with a space for a dishwasher.  That full length pantry cabinet is attached to the one right around the corner.
 Now we're in the laundry room.  This space was large enough to have cabinets on both sides.  This is the West wall.  From left to right, small upper, then two double door shelf uppers.  There's a desk/folding shelf.
 The desk section runs almost the entire length of the wall.  Both the uppers and the desk end with a full length piece.  It's a broom closet.  There are shelves in the upper section, but the lower area is reserved for brooms, mops and vacuums.
 This is the East wall.  From left to right you have a uppers working all the way across.  They are all shelf units.  The base cabinet in the corner is a small vanity and then you have the space for the washer and dryer.
 As you can see, there's another small base vanity.  Directly above it is a small upper with a closet rod mounted.  This is for hanging clothes once they come out of the dryer.
 This pic shows the middle section of the uppers.  These are the cabinets that will sit above the washer and dryer.  I wanted to draw your attention to the crown molding.  We're building the molding prior to installation.  The entire crown for this side of the room is a single piece we now shoot directly in place on the job.  It looks phenomenal and it's helped us save time during installation.  
The final pic shows one of the doors.  I took this one because we didn't have very many doors installed and I wanted to show at least one of the regular doors.  The other one I have posted is the front door and it's a specialty door.

So there you have it.  Newer, more exciting pics of our time at the Cliffs.  As always you can learn more information about our company by going to Goodwin Mill And Cabinet website.  You can also pop into facebook and check us out there.  Facebook is where you can enter to win the Subway gift card.  Just look at the pattern and suggest a name.

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