Friday, September 28, 2012


 There are lots of exciting things afoot at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet right now.  Back in June, we ordered a new CNC Router for cutting out our boxes and other stuff.  At one point, we were using a beam saw to do all of our cutting.  That came to an abrupt halt when the saw broke down and we couldn't find anyone who could repair it.  It's a cautionary tale of buying an unrepairable item from a company who will only service it if you fly their repairman in from Europe.  It's just not worth it.
 This router is awesome!  It uses a vacuum system to hold the material in place and it's a precision instrument when you look at the intricate cutting it is capable of doing.  Of course we'll mainly use it to cut boxes, so not many complex lines.  It's still cool you can do more with it if you needed or wanted to.
 This is the computer console that runs the machine.  It's actually more advanced than it looks.  This is where we enter the dimensions of the parts we want the sheet of material cut in to.  It looks like something you'd seen in a Godzilla movie.  But it's much nicer and the keyboard is cool.
 Right now, we've been cutting our boxes out on a regular table saw.  Carson Goodwin is the man responsible for doing all the cutting.  And even though he's got it down to a science, it can still take some time to get all the sides cut out.
 Using this router, we can cut that time down significantly.  And I'm not just talking about minutes and hours here.  With this machine running, Carson can cut an entire kitchen in a half a day.  That's faster than we can assemble them. 
We've been studying some lean manufacturing techniques to try and speed up the assembly process.  If we can, we'll be able to match the speed of our router.  That would put us on track to deliver and install four times faster than before.  With that type of installation speed, we can take on more work and more Southern Utah residents can benefit by having Goodwin cabinets.  Now's the time to contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  Let us transform your life and help you realize your dream of the perfect Kitchen or other space through tasteful, stylish cabinetry!

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