Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is at it again!  This time, we supplied cabinets for a home in Springdale, UT.  For those of you not in the know, Springdale is a lovely little town outside of Zions National Park.  This is the second job we've done in Springdale for Jensen + Sons.  This house is smaller than their last one, but it has a huge amount of character and charm!  
 It's nestled on a little ave that is perfectly picturesque.  It's just lovely.  I went there to measure this house for the cabinets and I love the area.  The house is cozy and has enough space to be warm and inviting.
 Because I wasn't part of the installation team that set these cabinets, I haven't been back to the house to see how they turned out.  However, I did snap some pics as we were building them and staging them in our loading area.  I figured this would be a good time to show you how that process happens.  After the pieces of the cabinets are assembled, the finish box is stacked with other boxes from the same job.  We try to group them with other cabinets in the same room.  This helps when we deliver the job as we can take all the cabinets directly into the rooms they go and stage them in place.
 There were actually two of these larger units, but the pics I'm showing are actually the same piece.  I think these full length boxes are for the kitchen, but I'm not sure.  I'll have to pick up the plans and see.  I plan on taking pics of the cabinets in the house if I can get out there before the remodel is complete.  Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.

Both of the Jensen + Sons homes in Springdale are remodels.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet can take any space and build the cabinets you want to fit it.  If you're planning on doing a remodel, Goodwin Mill And Cabinet's cabinet design service will let you design your kitchen to fit your space.  With the design finalized, you can shop for bids and find the best price.  Now's the time to call Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.

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