Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 If you remember, Goodwin Mill And Cabinet produced a specialty door and we had a contest to see who could name the pattern.  After weeks of waiting for entries, we finally held a drawing and a winner was chosen.  Our lucky entrant was Becky Gifford of Cedar City, UT.  We sent her a $10 gift card to Subway where she can enjoy a lunch on us.  Her suggestion was "Abstract Wave" and that is now the official title of the door style.  We will continue to have this door available for a short time until we decide to retire the pattern.

This first photo shows the door pattern.  Although the glass isn't in place and the door itself was in the spray room getting finished.  The second photo shows the door after it's been hung in the house.  The glass panes are missing, but you get the general idea.  I wanted to include the pics because I thought the door looks really incredible in this light.  And I wanted you to see it in place.  The third pic shows the door with the glass installed.  I wasn't sure what kind of glass they were going to use on this home.  I thought it might be tea stained or some obscured glass.  You can't really tell the glass is there as it is simple, clear glass.  Still, it looks incredible in place.  I'm going back to the home when it's evening and I'm going to take final pics.  The light should be less extreme and allow for more detail.  

Keep checking in with Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  Read the blog and check out the website.  There will be more chances to win contests and more exciting details about our work and what's happening.  Everyone wants a beautiful kitchen.  Even you!  I know you do.  And reading this blog - viewing our pics - learning more about the business...  These are ways for you to decide what you want in your own space one day.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is here to help you realize your dreams.  So stay tuned!

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