Tuesday, September 18, 2012


At Goodwin Mill And Cabinet, we know we're fortunate to have such incredible clients!  Right now we have a few jobs running in the shop.  We've installed a few kitchens lately and they've all turned out great!  In the meantime, we've had some smaller work come through and I wanted to take the time to show you some of these.

Custom furniture is an area we're known for and our reputation continues to grow as we produce more and more unique, beautiful and decorative work.

This piece is a custom headboard cabinet.  We needed to match the wood species, color and style of the existing cabinetry in the room.  There are six shelf openings and four doors.  The doors are on a slider system and slide left or right to open other spaces.  We show the two middle spaces open as that look is more balanced.  Since it's a free standing headboard, there wasn't any installation.  We simply delivered the piece and set it in place.  It turned out quite lovely and I think the owners' were pleased with it as well.

This table was a side job done in the shop, though I'm not sure who it went to.  I snapped a photo of it because I thought the post legs were extremely intricate and I loved the way it looked once it was completed.  I would love to get a shot of this table after it was set in place.  Some of these items look absolutely incredible when they're in a decorated setting.  And this table would be no exception.

 These two tables were commissioned by Tapestry Design.  The larger of the two is a Sofa Table and the smaller is a bench with a padded seat.  I don't know who these were made for, but they turned out beautiful.  The posts for the legs were simple, but substantial and when we put them on, it was obvious they give each piece a strong, vibrant look.  I also took a second pic of the Sofa Table to show you how cool the metal work on it was. 

I recently added a gallery on the website showing some post turnings we've recently done.  I've been keeping track of the orders as Mike's been filling them.  I wanted to take some time to show you some of the posts he's been turning.  This first one has that spiral center; a look that's always reminded me of an old fashioned barber shop pole.  It also has a Celtic look.
This one is actually a shorter post.  It has the look of a column.  I'm not sure whether it's more Greek or Roman as both styles used the grooves running up the column.  From my research, the difference is more in the top of the column.  Roman columns seem to be more ornate and Greek columns are simple.  Using that criteria, I'd categorize this post as Greek.
A more simple post than the previous two.  This is a Tuscan type post.  Tuscan columns and posts were the first to use smooth surfaces with the ornamentation occurring in the rings around the column at the top or the bottom.  You expect to see an old street lamp on top of this post.  It's simple and that's where the elegance lies.
This post uses the four sided block on the top and bottom, but the center portion is cut in a hexagonal pattern.  I think that's an interesting juxtaposition and I love how it looks as a post.  This particular post is much shorter than the previous ones.  As Mike was making these, I noticed the sizes varied.  I suspect these are meant to line up in a graduating scale.
The shortest of all the posts I was photographing.  These little guys reminded me of metal posts I saw all over Europe.  People had them like mini-fences all over the place with chains running between them.  They're obviously meant to stand alone as they have a top.  Posts that go between things, like posts on a stair rail, have square ends on both the top and the bottom.
For some reason, I think of antique brooches when I look at this piece.  Maybe it's the oval shapes.  I want to point out something all the posts we've seen so far have in common...  They're all unfinished.  Much of the orders we get for posts are for unfinished work.  Sometimes there's color in the wood depending on the species.  
If I had to give these posts a name, I'll call them swan necks.  They have gentle slopes like champagne flutes.  I think they are extremely elegant.  They're not as much in demand in this area; but that's because so much of the style is Southwestern and Native American.  These posts don't really fit either style... 
The final photo for the day is this batch of posts Mike turned for an order.  The order called for a color and finish, so these got the full treatment.  I'm not sure what color that is.  I know it's not white.  There was something mixed in, I'm certain.  Either way, this is one of those times where the order is for something finished and we were able to match a color for the company who commissioned the work.

So now you've seen more of what can be accomplished at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  Call today and let us show you what we can do for you.  Scan the pic to visit our website.



  1. These designs are good looking but now totally out of fashion because these can not be used in modern furniture.

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    1. I agree with you, these designs are extremely good looking. And they are more in an old fashioned style. We create the wood products our customers order. If they want a more modern style with their custom furniture or posts, we're more than happy to make it. If you need more modern posts or woodworking, contact us today and we'll be happy to fill your order.