Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 One of the great benefits of working at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is the opportunity to see the area in all its glory.  This amazing view is one I snapped while driving to the Brown House in Sky Ranch.  This is the Sand Hollow reservoir.  Its got sandy beaches and the most amazing views.  What an awesome part of the day driving past that was.

 Now some of you knew about this, but a few weeks ago, I got this nifty little cut on a hole saw while working on a bench/shelf.  Let this be a lesson to you.
 Here's my finger again last week before the stitches came out.  Let me tell ya, that was an exciting couple of weeks there.
So this is where I've decided to turn the entry into a bit of a horror flick.  Here's a recent pic of me...  OOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhh, spooky I know.  This photograph was actually taken in Cedar City last week at the Colbert Residence.  I'm planning an interview with Rebecca Colbert, the woman behind the cabinets.  I'd really like to show you the thought process of someone as they pick their cabinets and design their house.  I've been so impressed with the flow of the Colbert home...
 I wanted to share that fascination with you.  These other pics you see here are a small job we did in Cedar City.  This kitchen replaced one in an older townhome.
 It's simple, but elegant and functional.  I really like some of the additions Chris designed that help punch this job up from nice to amazing.  Well done.
This final photo is one I wanted to share because I thought it was so interesting.  The area is Dixie Springs near Hurricane, but that's a hawk on that cinder block fence.  This awesome bird landed and stared at me while I was loading the truck.  I snapped what I hoped was a great pic.  He was magnificent.

St. George really is an amazing place to live as these pics demonstrate.   In the past few days, I've traveled to Cedar City, Hurricane, Sky Ranch and Dixie Springs.  There is always something new and exciting to see and do.  Being a part of Goodwin Mill And Cabinet helps open doors to the community.  It's an exciting world for sure.  For more information about bringing our exciting world into your own contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  You won't be disappointed.

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