Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Here are some pictures of some of the things the boys did on the trailer today.  First off they insulated the roof and completed the skin on the roof.  They also fastened the roof fan in place after applying some water proof mastic.
 You can see in the second pic the front of the trailer.  You will notice the little black square and the white pipe.  That's the fan and air inlet for our cooler.  When we get the box on the front it will have a space for ice.  The fan blows air into the ice chest and up through the pipe and into the trailer.  It is supposed to cool the room up to 30 degrees.
 Next is the DVD player.  It is wired up and working now.  It hangs in the little tray on the door and can be tilted to the proper viewing angle.  You can see the 12 volt outlet in the ceiling.  It can work off the trailer battery of the DVD battery.
 The next photo shows the front of the cooling system.  The large grill on the right is the outlet fan, and the grill on the left is the inlet.  In the middle is the switch to turn it on or off.
The last pic shows the plumbing for the sink.  The water drains out the bottom of the trailer to a bucket for disposal.  We will be working on the trailer again soon.  Kent will be working on the doors while Chris tries to complete everything in the hatch.  As always, you can read more about the exciting world of Goodwin Mill And Cabinet at the website.  Just follow the link.  Maybe you want a teardrop trailer too.

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