Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 The boys had a lot of fun this weekend working on the trailer.  (Friday and Saturday).  It may not show, but they got a lot done.  Not as much as they hoped but good stuff.  First of all they ran the wiring for the

 side markers, side lights, and tail lights.  This then made it possible to glue on the veneer siding.  It really went on well.  With that in place they received the fenders last week so they painted and installed them.  It

 really gives the trailer a solid look to have them in place.  The color of the siding and the accents will be like the inside of the sleeping area.  Cinnamon sugar paneling black burnout trim.  You can see in this

 picture that they have installed the shore inlet so that they can have 110 volt power in the trailer.  Over the next few weeks they believe they will make a good showing on the outside and it is going to be good progress.

Their next objective this weekend is to get the wiring done, and they did it.  It was hectic and they had to do trial and error but they figured it out.  It was fun when they plugged it in and all the lights came on.  Even more fun when the lights running off the battery came on.  They installed the heater and hooked it up and also installed the outlet where the DVD player will fit.  It feels good to have this done.  They can now get on with the wood stuff that they understand.

The next picture shows the power converter installed in the galley.  They wanted it readily accessible and it needs ventilation.

The tail lights are working but they're not ready to install the hatch quite yet.

Keep checking back to hear more about the teardrop trailer and it's progress.  To learn more about Chris and Kent Goodwin, visit Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.

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