Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've been wanting to do a series on the guys who work at the shop.  I want you to get a sense of the craftsmen who work here and what they actually do, etc. etc.  

Today, I'm doing my first entry in this series and I decided to write about Greg Goodwin.  Greg is Kent's youngest.  He's part of the family, but he's also a necessary part of the Goodwin tradition and strive for excellence.

Greg has become the jack of all trades out in the shop.  He knows how to do just about everything.  From mill work to finish work, Greg's your guy.

Yesterday I watched him spend most of his day back in the mill cutting down material for posts.  He also worked on milling finish material from a job.  He cut down casing, crown and some light rail.

Greg knows how to assemble cabinets and doors.  He can sand and stain them.  He can also finish them.  He's worked with every major piece of equipment we've got out there.  He is also part of the delivery and installation team.  In many ways, what Greg is doing is smart.  He's learning the entire business from the ground up.  When the time comes for someone to step up in the next generation and take over the company, Greg is right in line.  He knows how things happen back there and could work in each area.  It's really amazing!

Greg's worked at the shop for some time now.  He's balancing his school work with his shop work.  It's not much longer before he's running some stuff back there.  Even at his young age.

You can get to know Greg better by going to Goodwin Mill And and reading about the company he's being groomed to take over.  You will gain a lot of info on the business and the traditions Greg has to live up to.  Check it out.

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