Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 So I decided today would be a good day to feature a piece of equipment in our shop.  Especially because we're thinking about selling it to make room for a new item.  This is what is called an "Edgebander".
 An edgebander is an interesting machine.  It lets you attach a thin layer of material to the edge of a board.  For example...  Let's say you have a piece of melamine that's white on both sides...
 However, the sides show the particle board the material is actually made from.  You can take a piece of edge banding that is white like the melamine sides and run it along with the material through the bander.
 The bander will apply a layer of glue to the side, seal the melamine layer on top of it and trim the pieces so they fit exactly.  By the time the board comes out, it's melamine everywhere you want it to be.
 The conveyer belt grips the board and runs it through.  With one man on the end feeding the material in and one on the other end catching, the process can happen rather quickly.
 The glue is deposited in a heated container along the front of the machine where it melts down from small pellets into the epoxy used to hold the banding material to the wood.  It's fascinating to watch. 
 The height and width are adjustable making it possible to band just about anything...  Under reasonable allowances of course.  It truly is one of the more remarkable machines in our shop.
 In addition to these pics, I also have two vid clips Kent took of the machine in action.  I've uploaded them to our youtube channel, but if you're interested, here's the FIRST one and here's the SECOND one.
I think people are always a little surprised when they see how things they take for granted are made.  Hopefully, this will be only one of a few newer entries about the machines in our shop and how we use them.  In the meantime, if you think this is something you would like to own, feel free to contact me.  Like I stated, I'm pretty sure this is something they want to sell to make room for a cnc router.  Go to Goodwin Mill And Cabinet for more info.

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