Thursday, May 31, 2012


 The holiday provided an extra day to work on the trailer and the boys got quite a bit done.  As you can see they got started on the box for the front of the trailer.  It will be covered with Rhino liner to blend in with the top.
 This is the front view of the box.  The battery will go in the right section.  There is enough room to stack two batteries if they decide to get another one.  The center section will get the ice coolers for the air conditioning, and the left section will hold a propane bottle or other stuff they need to haul.
 They cut in the stove and that required cutting into the sleeping compartment by about a quarter inch.  This pic shows the removable cover.
 This is how the oven and cooktop look set into the counter.  It will be attached to sliders so you can pull it out for cooking.
 Kent got one of the doors hung today.  This next pic is a view from the inside.  They actually have the locking handle on the door but it was done after the pic was taken.
This is how the door looks from the outside.  They haven't put the glass in the frame yet, but will do so during the upcoming week.

And there you have another gallery about the teardrop trailer and how the brothers created this amazing item.  They've recently been approached to build a larger scale trailer by a scout troop.  Whether or not they take the challenge remains to be seen.  But you can start building something you've dreamed of today!  Start by visiting Goodwin Mill And Cabinet online and then setting up your appointment to meet with a designer today.  They'll help you build your dreams.  

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