Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The boys schedule this weekend did not include very much time to accomplish much, so they concentrated on the little things that needed to be completed. They built and installed the face and doors for the electrical chase. They also built the shelves for the cabinets and installed missing drawer hardware, handles and roller catches so the doors would stay closed.

They also started installing the light
fixtures. When they got the wire run to them, they touched the wires to a 12 volt battery from a drill and lights came on. It was amazing that these little lights flooded this small room. They were happy to know that it was enough lighting to get the job done.

In the lighting pictures you can see how the lights were mounted and that they are directionally adjustable. Although probably not necessary in such a small
space, it's still nice to have the ability to focus light where you need it most. In the first picture, you can see the lights mounted under the cabinetry while in the second photo you can see some where mounted directly on the ceiling.

Kent purchased the oven and cook top they were planning on because they wanted to make sure it all fit. It does have a couple of problems, but Chris thinks they will be able to adjust to
make it work. These pictures show it with the top closed and with it up. It will sit on a rolling tray so it can be pulled out for use. They were hoping that the oven could be used right in place but the heat requirements mandate it to be pulled out.

Additionally, they started the wiring of the power converter. It took a little while to figure out but it is coming now. The boys are appreciative of the people
who have posted their own information on the web. These experiences have helped the boys make their decisions and have made the job much easier.

If you're interested in learning more about Chris Goodwin, Kent Goodwin and their business, you can follow the link Goodwin Mill And Cabinet to read more about them. You can also find more entries about the tear drop trailer and other work we are currently doing. Check back for more updates soon.

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