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The Sky Ranch home is being built by a young man named Tad Porter. We've worked with him before and he's a fine builder with quality homes. This job has been very exciting and interesting. The family choose a color with some red tones. These tones make the wood shine and give it an exotic feel.

The first pic is the master bath where you can see the main sink and the two uppers that sit on top of the granite
counter top. In the last entry, I showed you these stacked uppers in a more close up photo. Here you get a better view of how it looks together.

The second pic is the lower bank directly across from the main set. This bathroom has two sinks. As you can see in this pic, this set features a drawer bank, a sink vanity and another drawer/shelf combo cabinet on the end. In this photo you can also see the
base along the bottom of the wall and we supplied the base for this job.

Another feature this home has is an in-house Casita. This small apartment is connected to the main home through the hallway leading to the garage. In the first pic, you can see the base cabinets. The open portion with the door sitting on an angle is where the fridge will go and the door will attach to the front of it. The counter tops are
granite like in the main kitchen, but the slab is cut more thin.

The second photo shows the uppers. There's an opening here too, but this one is for a microwave. The crown molding on these cabinets is a two step molding, but also very simple. In combination with the finish, it makes these cabinets look very Southwestern. I love the way they look and I'm extremely pleased with how
they turned out.

This third pic is also part of the Casita. It's the bathroom. This little vanity may not be as flashy as some of the other pieces in the home, but it certainly matches and maintains the styles already introduced. I'm liking the idea of framing the mirror with tile. Once again you see the much thinner granite counter top.

This pic is the powder room. It's right off the Kitchen and behind the bar. It has some exciting features such as the thicker granite counter top and there are turned posts on both sides. This particular pic turned out dark in practically every shot I took. The combination of not enough light and the angle needed to get the shot prevented me from taking a decent picture. Still, I think this photo makes the point. You can still see the vanity and you get a good idea what's going on.

The next set of pics is the laundry room. As you can see in this first pic, the uppers run the length of the room and then stop where a window is. They pick up on the other side and use a smaller upper to go from the window to the wall. I never got a good pic of that second upper. The few times I tried to get photos the light blinded me and the cabinets were all in shadow.

The second pic shows the lower bank under the window and that other upper I couldn't seem to get a pic of. You can see the corner cabinet is a Lazy Susan of rather immense proportions. It was a huge cabinet and it was hard to get into place and install. The granite here is more thin as well. Although the floor isn't 100% clean, you can see the stamped concrete and you can also see the toe kick underneath as well. The stain color is highly complementary to the floor color.

This next photo shows the space where the washer and dryer will go. The base of this section is comprised of two drawers. The appliances will sit on top of a shelf that wasn't installed at the time this photo was taken. The drain you can see sticking up was cut into the shelf. At this point, the space is ready for installation. Above this open space
is a row of smaller upper units.

The next picture I'm sharing is in the great room. There's a beautiful stone fireplace and we provided a crescent mantle for it. It looks absolutely gorgeous! If you remember the mantles from the Jones Parade home, you will know these things look flattering and just amazing when they're decorated. If I can get a pic of this when it's all done, I'm sure it will be

This next set of 3 are the bar adjacent to the Great Room. This view is from behind. You see the paneled side, the counter top and the sink. It fits between two partitions and is actually split into two parts. You will see it in the pics to follow, but there's a hood or ceiling over head. The bar had to be built out a little because of the size of appliances going in on the other side, so it was
technically installed twice.

The 2nd photo shows the top part and a partial view of the base cabinets. The 3rd photo will show the base cabinets more clearly, but I really wanted to show you this ceiling item. It's actually a pretty cool addition to the bar and gives it the look and feel of a tavern. It's almost like what you'd see over a pool table in a pool hall. Now in the next photo, the emphasis is on the
lower cabinet banks.

Here you can see the lowers. It has a space for an icemaker and a small fridge. I'm quite comfortable suggesting there should be some wine racks or a place to put glasses. From what I understand, there will be some runners along the top where the glasses will slide in facing downward. I'm guessing there will be some sort of rack on the counter top to hold the

This final round of pics is the Kitchen. This is the main event as far as our work in the house is concerned. In this first photo, you can see a wide angle shot of the entire Kitchen. You can see almost all of the uppers and most of the base units with the exception of those blocked by the island. To the far left, you see the space where the fridge will go. There are two panels topped with a
small upper. The panel on the right ties into that top row of uppers and the base cabinets below.

In this next pic, we see the row of uppers coming off that finished panel and running into the cook top hood. The wall behind the cabinets is curved and the cabinets are fitted together on angles. You can see the light rail and the crown in this pic. You can also kinda see the detail in the doors. This
set of cabinets features square pieces of wood in each door corner to add dimension to the surface. These doors are also considered pillow doors because the center area pillows up and sits higher than the frame itself.

The next photo shows the hood above the range. This piece by itself is extremely majestic and pulls the eye upward. It's arguably the best part of the Kitchen. We installed it in two
parts. The base will hold the cook top hood and the upper cabinets will have shelving and cover the lines running to the range itself.

Now you can see the far right of the uppers. There are more angled uppers off of the hood and then there's the cabinet that will house the oven and the microwave. With the exception of one missing upper, the two sides could almost be mirror images of each other.
The cabinet on the end with space for the appliances is also built around two panel sides.

Here I'm attempting to show you the lowers. The center base cabinet will be where the cook top is installed. On either side you can see turned posts. These posts actually hide two slide drawers that contain spice racks. The cook top itself will sit on that lower cabinet; which can be used to store
cooking accessories.

Finally, I wanted to give you a closer view of the island. I realize it's only the outside, but I couldn't get a very good angle to take something on the inside. You can see the Corbels under the granite and the giant panels wrapping around the unit. It hangs over the back enough to create a breakfast nook if you put some stools right there. And that's pretty much the house. I took a
couple of other pics I wanted to show you.

This is the house from the outside. It's quite lovely and as you can see from the entry area covered in stone, we had to provide some base that was curved for these areas. The base turned out wonderful and the home is just magnificent. I wanted to take a pic of the community, but every pic I got turned out bad. About the only one I
took to show you their views is the next one.

This is the view from the front door. They're right up against a beautiful mountain range.

If you're interested in learning more about the cabinets in this home or want to get something similar in your own home, you can read more about the company at Visit the site and set up and appointment to get your work done today.

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