Friday, April 13, 2012


As always, you can read more about the brothers and their business at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet. The boys installed the jack stand for the front of the trailer. It will be nice not to have to drag a bucket around to rest the tongue on. This is detachable because they are adding a storage box on the front that will prevent them from folding it up.

They also acquired a ceiling fan and
installed it. They are currently wiring all the electrical stuff so they needed it in place to wire. They painted the frame black so it would match the other interior items and trim.

They also installed the sink faucet and water pump. The water inlet came the other day so they should be able to hook up the plumbing in the next available working days.

They are hoping to complete the wiring so they can put the side paneling on the outside of the trailer this next week. They think they will be better off once they get back to the wood things that they understand.

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