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Hey there, welcome back to another entry of the Goodwin Mill & Cabinet blog. This time I wanna talk about a new job we're doing in Cedar City, UT. The family is named Colbert and the house is absolutely incredible! It's built in the Cedar Knolls subdivision and it has the most spectacular views imaginable. I took a bunch of pics of the view, but most of them turned out too dark to post. These first two pics are ones that turned out ok.

The home overlooks the city proper and they've taken full advantage of their location by placing windows all around the house to capture the view. This also allows them to take advantage of the natural light, which this house has in abundance.

The first pic I wanna show of cabinetry is the laundry room. It's hard to get a wide angle shot here, but as you can see, they have two large standing cabinets with rows up uppers, center partitions and a row of shelving with a bench seat below. If you put a coat hook in each partition, you could have a station for sitting and putting on your shoes and coat. Each family member could have their own space to hang a jacket and store shoes. The second photo in this series shows the bench and lower portion more accurately. The flooring isn't finished, but you can see the warm colored paint and if the flooring stays a natural color, you'll have an extremely bright atmosphere throughout the home.

In the next pic you can see the uppers more clearly. These cabinets feature inset doors. They have a frame on the face with the doors mounted to the frame. This gives the doors a recessed look and a flat surface. The color is a white wash and in the case of this home, is used to bring out the more subtle colors of the paint. It will also help draw the eye to decorative pieces like paintings, plants or other objects.

This next photograph shows the opposite wall from the one we were just looking at. To the far left you can see the opening for the washer and dryer. There's a free floating cabinet and then a section of uppers. You can see the detail of the inset doors, the
light rail and the crown molding. The detail on the crown and light rail is rather ornate compared to the simplicity of the doors. But the design is right in line with the base and ceiling crown. The ceiling crown is somewhat more complicated as it's a two step crown, but there's a graduating flow between the cabinet crown and the ceiling crown.

That last pic was the lower cabinets. You can see the washer and dryer opening a little better. You can also see the row of cabinets below the uppers and how they look.

This pic shows you a small section of drawers with some uppers behind the garage entry. They're somewhat
hidden when that door is open, but they are perfect for additional storage. Notice the light filtering in through the window down the hall.

The next two pics are the bathrooms attached to the bedrooms upstairs. They are done in a darker stain. The bathrooms are back to back and the design is exactly the same. Drawer
banks on either side of the sink cabinet.

Some guys were working in the second bathroom; which is why my photo of that set has a ladder in it. I think the painters were in there. It's interesting to note that all the bathrooms are this darker color. It makes an interesting contrast to the lighter colors in the
areas the family actually live in; like the kitchen, living room, etc. etc.

This next set of pics are of the kitchen. At the moment, the kitchen is still under installation and not complete. These three big wall units stand side by side on that wall by themselves. They're an interesting grouping and quite majestic where they are.

This picture is of the island. If you maximize the photo, you can see the corbels underneath. There's not toe kick base on or a counter top, but it's still nice to see it at this stage. You can also get a feel for the stove area directly behind it. To the right is where the refrigerator will go.

This last kitchen photo shows that area behind the island more clearly. You can see the spot for the oven and the hood above it. When this was first installed, the family wasn't too keen on the protruding hood so we pulled the top part forward to even it up with the rest of the hood. This also lends itself to the flat look of the inset cabinets.

The final pics are the cabinets in the master bathroom. Once again you can see the dark color stain. It's another mirror image set with two wall units on either end and the same cabinets in between. This creates a sense of balance and helps maintain the flow of the room.

The last pic is the wall unit in the entry way to the master bath. This unit is more of a closet. I imagine it will be filled with robes, towels and other folding items used in the room.

We're very excited about this home and what will happen next. Colbert's have made choices that brighten the rooms and create a sense of sophistication through simplicity.

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