Monday, October 20, 2014


This is a picture I think we've used before, but this next post was actually kind of a vacation for the brothers.  A magazine called "Camping Earth" published an online article referring to our trailer.  It created quite a buzz and our website started getting a lot of hits.  Chris used this entry to answer some questions we'd received.  I feel inclined to reprint them just in case any of you have similar questions.

One reader wanted to know how we were cutting our plywood panels.  And Chris said, "We cut our plywood panels with a jig saw.  We cut the first side and then used it as the pattern for the second side.  We then lined them up and screwed them together so that we could use a belt sander to even them up.  We were very careful to cut slowly and stay on the outside of our line.  This allowed us to sand to the line making two perfectly matched sides.  It isn't rocket science though.  If you make a mistake just take a little more off the pattern, no one will ever know."

Another reader inquired about the completion date and Chris said, "Thanksgiving through Christmas is our busy time.  We don't really have time to work on our own stuff until the holidays are over.  We are going to get it licensed before the first of the year.  We have a short list of things we still want to do but none of them would keep us from using the trailer.  We will put pictures and commentary about future trips.  Again, thanks for your interest.

So we had some people following the progression of the trailer.  I was recently contacted by a magazine asking if we'd be interested in posting the story in their online publication.  That's pretty exciting.  

On a sour note, I was recently informed the trailer is currently out of commission based on a car accident.  However, the brothers have vowed to fix it up and get it back on the road.

Come back soon for another entry soon.

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