Thursday, October 16, 2014


 It's been awhile since we updated the story of the teardrop trailer and in all actuality, the trailer is finished and has seen a lot of use.  But there are still a lot of people looking at the blog posts of this trailer and so we decided to finish the story for you.  Of course we continued to chronicle the construction of this unique trailer and I'll describe what the pictures are showing us.

At this point, the boys covered the top of the trailer with Durabak Truck Liner.  It was messy and as you can see, it wasn't the most professional job but it looks nice.  One of the benefits of this material is that it was extremely forgiving.  They were able to cut off some bad spots and touch it up.  Over all, the boys were happy with the results.  The next step is hinging the front trunk and weather stripping it.  They also plan to attach buckles to keep it closed.  This will allow them to mount the battery permanently and hook it up.

This side view gives you a pretty good idea of how the trailer looks.  You'll have to forgive the look of the shop.  Around that time, we had a storm blow through and it blew all the sawdust out of the bins into the lot and the shop itself.  Then it rained so everything is a sopping mess.
The rear view shows the trunk all completed.  The boys let the Durabak dry over the previous weekend and then weather stripped the inside.  And not soon enough considering the storm that came directly afterward.  There's a short punch list of things to complete but it's close enough to being finished that it can pass inspection and get licensed.  The boys actually pulled it the other day and it tracks very nicely.  At this point, everyone wanted to take it on a trip.  But since winter was setting in, it wasn't exactly the best time to go camping.  

Tune in and we'll continue and finish the story of the teardrop trailer!

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