Monday, August 20, 2012


 Today I wanted to write a blog about the Forsyth doors.  These 14 doors were made at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet for Forsyth Construction of St. George Utah.  They are building a home and hired us to provide the doors.  In a previous blog, I described in detail how we make doors for our cabinets.  Building regular doors is almost the same process with some small variations.  First of these is the size of the panels you need to build.  Panels for passage doors are going to be bigger not only in width and height, but also in thickness.  The Styles and Rails are going to be longer, wider and also thicker.  The first photo shows one of the doors suspended between two work horses in the spray room.  We'll stain them there and then spray them to finish.
 Of course, not all the doors we build are finished by us.  We're often provide unfinished doors to fit the needs of our clients.  The doors for this job are finished.  So we've sanded them until they are smooth to the touch and then stain them.  Solid wood exterior doors like these also present a special challenge when it comes to weather proofing.  Unlike doors such as metal or fiberglass, wood exterior doors are more susceptible to climate.  We use an automotive finish designed to resist weather and other processes that can distress the door.  An automotive finish is more durable than traditional wood finishes; and we find it still gives us the beautiful high glossy look we strive for.  It is equal in appearance to the finishes we use on the interior doors.
In this photo, you can see one of the craftsman from Goodwin Mill And Cabinet sanding the inseam grooves on a face panel.  We pay special attention to every door.  Areas that cannot be air sanded or vibrated, (such as these grooves), are sanded by hand.  This is a reflection of our commitment to high quality.   
 Along with the hand crafted doors, Goodwin Mill And Cabinet also builds the jamb.  The jambs pictured here are part of the same and have been pre-hung to a specific door.  Now they are waiting to be stained and finished.  As with the doors, we pay attention to the jambs to insure they are durable and high quality.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet also provides casing, base, crown molding and other wood trim.  We can match all of it to the doors.  This job has a lot of casing, base and crown molding ordered along with the doors.  I'll take some pics and show you them as the job progresses.

 In this photograph, you see some of the doors in the spray room after they've been stained.  They're ready for the sealer coat and then the finish coat.  Right now, they are a lovely color, but the glossy finish isn't on, so they don't shine.
Here's another view of the doors.  I wanted to show the detail in the edges and the panels.  All of these doors were stained by hand.  I'll include more pics as they happen.  I hope to get some of the doors after they are installed.  I'd like to show them in place.  This is obviously going to be an amazing home!  The doors are absolutely beautiful.  If such attention to detail is paid to the doors, Forsyth construction will deliver a magnificent artisan home when the work is completed.

This summer we are pleased to announce the release of some limited edition specialty doors.  The first of which, I will showcase in an article to come.  If you're thinking about replacing the doors in your own home or ready to order doors for the home you're building, make a call to Goodwin Mill And Cabinet today to find out how we can make your ordinary doors extraordinary.

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