Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Goodwin Mill And Cabinet was recently hired by Kokopelli Homes & Construction to build and install the decorative beams in a Kitchen.  The home is located in the awesome Green Springs area.  The lots are incredible and the views are astonishing.  I'll show you a pic of the view later on.  Right now I want to show an exterior shot of the house.  There's still a lot of work going on, but it's a dynamic structure. 

 At Goodwin Mill And Cabinet, we love ceiling beams!  I think this is one of the most exciting options when it comes to ceiling treatments.  They take some time to produce, but they have such nice long surfaces.  Any distressing you do to them shows up very well.  They're great to build and can be hard to install unless you're one of our talented craftsman.  We've got it down to a science.  Ultimately, they make any space look rich and luxurious.  Beam ceilings are quickly becoming a standard in Southern Utah.  They're popular with decorators who use them to punch up an area and with home buyers who appreciate the aesthetic.  Watch for more posts about ceiling beams as demand takes off.
 The first beam photo just shows the beams but the second one shows the entire kitchen.  I wanted a photograph of the beams showing the cabinets because I wanted to demonstrate how the beams can compliment and intensify a space.  Especially when you're matching the beams to other woodwork.  We matched these beams to the kitchen cabinetry.  And as you can see, the beams add a wonderful dimension to the overall look of the space. 
My last pic is the view.  I wanted to show how incredible these lots are and how smart builders take advantage of the views.  The lots in this area are similar to stadium seating so you keep your horizon view no matter how far up the side of the mountain you go.  There's Pine Valley in the distance.  I especially love the contrast in the mountain colors on the horizon.  Blue, Red and Black...  Wonderful variation.

If you're interested in this area, why not contact Kokopelli Homes & Construction for information on building in Green Springs.  Follow the link to their site.  And when you're ready, contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet and let us help you design your cabinets, decorative ceilings and custom furniture for your new Green Springs home!

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