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Today I'm doing an entry on the Sochor home in Hatch, UT. Since this job isn't completely finished, these pics need to be viewed with the thought in mind that they are in progress rather than as a completed job. One of the first things I did was take some pics of the beautiful scenery and views you get from the home itself. These particular pics are ones I too the first night. The moon was so bright that first night and I wanted to show the moon over the mountains in the distance. What you probably can't see is the red tops of the mountains. The red is the beginning of Bryce Canyon National Park.

You can kinda see the stone pillars in this pic as well. The 2nd pic shows you how the stone ties together to form the
lower floor and entryway for the home. You can see the garage where we backed up and unloaded the cabinetry before hauling it upstairs to where it would be installed.

In the 3rd pic, you see the upper portion of the home and the balcony wrapping around. The deck is sectioned in two parts and has doors in
the kitchen and master bedroom.

The next photo is a wide angle shot of the kitchen. The doors are on, but the reason they are all open is because we didn't have the latches to hold them in place. The hinges have a natural swing to them and they are held shut by magnet latches. They still need to be installed for the doors to stay closed. These latches spring open with a very gentle push.

In the next pic, you can see the openings built for the refrigerator. This is a great pic because you can see a couple things clearly. One, is the natural color and style to the cabinetry. The doors and all surfaces are a solid flat panel. The coloring is a natural finish over a wood varnish that shines the gives the wood it's glow. You can see how clean this look is and how bright the walls look even though the sky is overcast and dismal outside. This is an amazing example of how intense this contrast can be and how this color and style will allow for a warmer space.

The next pic is a pic I took from the balcony. I wanted
to show ow remote the home actually is. The driveway actually comes up from the main road through the forest. All around it, you can see this view. Trees and horizon. It's breathtaking.

And snow on the ground of course. There was also snow.

Our next pic is another wide pic of the
kitchen. This one is focusing on the uppers. Once again, you can see how the doors are open on the cabinets and the shelves are in, but the doors won't shut without the magnetic latches in place. This is another good pic showing the natural light streaming through the window even though the skies are overcast and gloomy. You still have a feeling of cheerfulness when you look at the cabinets.

This next shot is focused more on the lowers. You can clearly see the island and some of the lowers. I spent some shots on the island because it features the only color variation in the entire job. The island has that great green color to it. The end facing the camera is basically a finished side, and I'm not
sure what all the individual squares are for. There will be a granite overhang on this end.

In this pic, you see the island again and I wanted to show the front of the island. You see the green doors and the finished end with all the squares. The backside will be a panel from the same green color. The other end is just
a finished green side.

This next photo is the uppers on the other side of the kitchen. On the wall with the window. You can see the ceiling here. Both the ceiling and the flooring are the same natural wood color. You can see the can lights as well as the wood casing around the window itself. I think you can see some clear panels on the doors to some of the lowers as well. One thing that really strikes me as I look at this pic... As simple as the design is on the cabinetry, the squares on the end of the island are quite geometric and actually fit the simplicity of this design. If anything, they are complimentary because they feature a splash of color on the only cabinet that offers any complexity in
design and appearance. It's very smart and sophisticated.

These next pics show the library. These bookcases are mirror cabinets. In other words, they are the same except they face opposite directions. They are located on either side of a large picture window on the second floor above the entryway. Of all the cabinets, these are probably my favorite. They are similar in appearance to the other cabinets, yet more simple because they are just banks of shelves.

I think the thing that makes them more fascinating is the fact they are mirror cabinets standing sentinel beside the window.

This one shows the cabinet from the other side. You can see the how it sits against the wall. Both sides have the diagonal A frame towards the ceiling and frame up next to the picture window. You can see the small bank of shelves against the side of the window, the long banks in the center and the open sided triangle shelves on the end. The crown on top is like the rest of the project. Its got the simple build up and the toe kick is also rather simplistic. All in all, you have a fresh look here. It gives it a more clean and vibrant appearance. When you put it next to a window with natural light exposure, it just accents the cabinetry even more. It's nice to have such varying views of this cabinet set.

This next photo is the desk. Although you don't actually see the desk portion, (it was too deep and we needed to cut it down in size before we installed it), you do see the shelves that go above it. Again, you can see how simple the design is. The lines are neat and sharp. This pic is great because you can also see the crown above the cabinet and the light rail below. Both are extremely simple. Essentially, just square build up.

The desk itself is mounted to the wall directly below the shelving. You can imagine it better if you look at some of the other pics here from previous homes where we've built similar desks. I think the desks are an interesting and diverse addition to any space and
I'm excited we're making them. I'm also excited people are buying them and putting them in their homes.

This next photograph shows the two vanities and a bank of drawers in the master bathroom. They're separated by a drawer bank. Directly across from the vanities is another section of cabinetry. This time, the cabinets are
just storage units with doors and shelving.

There are two uppers and two lowers. The uppers are same dimensions and the lowers are also same dimension. The upper closest to me is missing the doors because I decided to bring them back. I noticed a slight discoloration on the doors. We'll probably have to remake them, but there's a chance we can sand them down and refinish them without remaking them. But we won't know until we start sanding. (Note: We tried sanding but ultimately, we'll have to remake the doors. Just no way to keep the color on. Had to sand deeply to get the markings out.)

The final pic is another view of the book shelves. This
time, it's heavily overcast outside. There is a lot of natural light still filtering through the window, but you see the cabinets in a natural way... Without heavy brightness. They still look wonderful.

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