Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's been an exciting week at Goodwin Mill & Cabinet. We started on Monday in Hatch, UT working on the Sochor home in the Paunsaugunt Cliffs Subdivision. This exclusive community features homes with majestic, often sweeping views. Most of these homes are vacation properties. The community itself is adjacent to Bryce Canyon National Park. It's really astonishing!

This was an overnight trip and we stayed in a Motel decorated with a horse theme. Horse paintings, wall paper, etc. etc. It was called Riverside Resort and we ate at the restaurant attached to the property called the Cactus Cowboy. I'll include links at the bottom of the page.

The Sochor house itself is quite amazing. The cabinetry is simple, natural and
clean. I'll post some pics. Toward the end of the second day, a storm rolled in and everything started getting dark. But inside the kitchen, with some natural light still spilling through the open windows, the space seemed bright and cheerful. The natural wood look really stood out in the gloom.

Returning from that rural part of Utah, the next day we headed to the small community of Overton, Nevada. We're doing a job there for the Anderson family. This job is particularly interesting because it's a combination job. Part of the work is installing new cabinets while the second is refacing some existing cabinetry.

The Andersons have two colors for their cabinets. One of them is the delightful cream color used on the Jones property during the Parade of Homes. Of all the current colors I've seen on cabinetry, this is by far my favorite. It's just lovely. We did as much as we could at the Andersons before heading back to St. George. At this point, to finish the job, we're waiting on the new floor to be set in place. Once the floor
is in, we will build the island. I'll include some pics of the Anderson cabinets in the near future.

Thursday and Friday were spent in beautiful Cedar City at the Colbert job. This house is incredible. It's a massive home with lots of open space and windows. The use of windows is generous in order to take advantage of the view. The property is located in the Cedar Knolls area. This part of town is camouflaged from the city and sprawls up the face of a small mountain. The homes in the subdivision feature exclusive views of the city and surrounding area. It's gorgeous.

The cabinetry in the home is a juxtaposition of sorts. Some of them are practically painted white while the bathroom cabinetry is an extremely dark color. Almost black. It's an interesting blend of two extreme looks and in combination with the various paint colors, it's rather remarkable. The cabinets blend in with the rooms they're in by intensifying the wall coloring. I'll post some pics of this job soon as well.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy seeing more beautiful craftsmanship from Goodwin Mill & Cabinet.

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