Tuesday, March 20, 2012


One of the most fascinating and intricate work we do in the shop is post turning. Posts are turned and cut out with an automatic lathe. It happens almost like magic. You can sit and watch the lathe turn for hours and still not believe what it's doing. The post turning allows us to distinguish ourselves stylistically and sets us apart creatively.

We supply turnings for several distributors around the country. We ship all types of turnings including Kitchen posts, Newel posts with balusters and we can make templates for about any type of post our buyers desire. We even match turnings. We've even had the opportunity to match historical turnings in older buildings and homes from the pioneer days. We've yet to be challenged with something older, but for this part of the country, that's as old as it gets.

Post turning is a process that can take anywhere from 7 to 60 minutes per post depending on intricacy. In the video I'm sharing today, you see a more simple post. This one is already partially cut out and the detail you see cut into the post is actually the final cut to complete the design.

It's also cool to note that once we have a template in place, each post is duplicated to exact measurements. Mike Wilson is the guy you see in the first part of the video. Turned posts are his area of expertise. He runs that portion of the company and it would be interesting to run an entry on him sometime. Let you get to know some of the people who make Goodwin Mill & Cabinet such a great place to make your dreams come true.

If you're having trouble viewing the video, you can link to the website and look at it there, or you can check out the clip on youtube.

You can link to Goodwin's on the web at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.
You can watch the clip on Youtube.

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