Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well after a busy Parade season, I can finally post another entry in the story of the Teardrop trailer. Let's continue...

The boys finally had a little time to work on the trailer one night. The coolest thing was the installation of the doors on the cabinets in the sleeping compartment. The pictures really don't do it justice as they really look cool. It gives the cabin a feeling of nearing completion until you look at the

They also cut the curved components to build the truck lid over the kitchen. They'll be installing it over the weekend if they have the time to work on it. You might notice that the cherry blocks in the door are starting to darken. They were hoping that they match the contrast of the counter eventually.

Kent installed the other wall of paneling while Chris was in Provo last week and built the door frame. The frame will be black to match the cabinets. It is neat how the paneling is matching the wall configuration. He has the round window marked so it will most likely be cut out this weekend.

They also installed the ceiling paneling. It is a shiplap pattern. They have had this material in their warehouse for about four years and couldn't sell it; so they sanded it up
and finished it to match. Again, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is really beautiful.

Be sure to check in again soon and I will include another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Teardrop Trailer. And as always, you can find more custom cabinetry and wood products at Goodwin Mill & Cabinet.

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