Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here's the second part of my entries on the ceiling beam job we just did. This first pic is the Master Bedroom. In this image, you can see the lines chalked on the ceiling. This room presented an interesting challenge because of the uneven rounded corners on both ends of the ceiling and the the criss-crossing of the beams themselves. The second pic shows us attaching a guide we will use to secure the beam to the ceiling.

The third and fourth pics show the criss-cross of the two sets of beams from both angles of the room. In one
you can see John putting a beam in place. The final pic shows the beams in the room after all the painting has happened and you get to see how the beams look. This home was painted with a gold color on the wall and was then glazed.

There are still more rooms to show, so there will be more parts to this series. And as always, I'd like to remind you to check out the Http://www.goodwinmillandcabinet.com for more information on how you can have one of these amazing decorative ideas in your own home. Call today!

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