Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today I'm going to post some pics of the work we did at the Parade this year. I've also got a link to our website gallery with even more pics! This particular collection is all about some of the custom pieces done for this house. You will see some accents we did and also some furniture we built specifically for this floor plan.

This first picture is an Niche-Seat in the entryway. The opening is built right into the wall and accented by some post turnings and a seat we built for that space. It's height and cushioned bench are a wonderful addition to the entry way and help draw the eye to other majestic sights in this space.

The next pic is the fireplace in the Great Room. It showcases a Mantle built in a style that flows into the kitchen area. The decorative texture along the face and the thick corbels give it a strong appearance. It looks even more bold thanks to the stone fireplace behind it. The ideal place to kick back on a cold day.

In the pool house you can see this wonderful cabinet. Used to store media for the adjacent entertainment center, this complimentary piece is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It contrasts nicely with the green grasses color used in the stain. The tall crown and long upper tier make this piece look unusually regal and stately next to the permanent entertainment center.

The next pic is the front door. The glass and metal work were added after we'd installed the doors. We built and finished the doors along with the threshold and the casing... The delicate archway over the door is a theme carried
through the entire house. From Valances above and below cabinets, to the shape of desks, drawers and window casings. Rounded walls, soft corners and arches over various openings help soften the use of stone and tile. The danger with solid surfaces like tile, stone, brick or concrete is they can often leave your living space feeling more like the Coliseum rather than a warm, inviting home. Using soft rounds is the perfect juxtaposition to the granite, tile and stone work throughout the home.

You can see this even more clearly in the next pic. This floor separates the master bedroom from the french doors leading to the pool patio.
We built this serpentine bull-nosed border for the wood flooring to help transition the change from the carpet floor. As you can see, it sits on top of stonework and runs into stonework leading into the master bath. However, the gentle curves soften the rough look of the stone and help it appear more natural.

The next pic shows the desk we built for the office. Once again, that arch
theme is repeated. You can see it above the chair in the upper cabinetry. There's an arching valance over the opening between the two posts. The desk itself is shaped in an arch. In the next pic, you see the chairs in front of the desk and another piece built for this office...

It's a small table situated between the two chairs and once again, its shape
carries on the rounded theme. Notice the curving in the arms of the chair. There's more arching in the mirror frame above the table, however, you can't see that piece clearly in the pic. I will try to find a better one of it as it looks incredible.

Make no mistake, careful attention has been paid to encourage a more organic, geometrical flow throughout the house.

The next photo shows a desk we built into the wall of one of bedroom #3. The drawer/desk is mounted on two posts and secured directly into the wall in the back. Look for the rounded edges!

My final pic is the mantle in the master bedroom. I love this pic, because you also get to see the overhead beams reflected and once again, you see the arch theme present in the mantle itself. The stone corbels are an
imaginative touch. Though not as intricate as the mantle in the Great Room, it's sophistication is in the curve of the piece rather than intricate detailing. The color and style matches the ceiling beams tying the entire room together on four separate surfaces. It's a well balanced display and one worth experiencing first hand.

You can call Goodwin Mill & Cabinet today to see more amazing ideas and to realize your own dreams. You'll find them HERE. You can also log into our gallery and see more pics from this exciting home. The Gallery is HERE. You can also explore the 22nd Annual Southern Utah Parade of Homes through their website HERE.

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