Friday, December 30, 2011


Every year, around the holiday season, we start looking at special side projects. Things we do for our family and friends. This year, dad needed to do a very special item. It's a tradition in our family, when a girl turns 13, she gets a cedar chest for Christmas. Many of my sisters and nieces have enjoyed waking up Christmas morning to find one of these incredible creations waiting for them. This year, it was my niece Angie.

The pictures show how the chests are first drawn out, designed and then how they can sometimes change during the building process to become something either similar or completely different. In this case, the chest in the drawing features some crown work we didn't include on the actual lid, but otherwise, it is almost exactly as we planned it.

This item demonstrates the skill of our craftsmanship. We can help you realize your goals even if all you have is a rough sketch of something you've imagined. Get that specialty piece of furniture built today by calling Goodwin Mill & Cabinet at 435-673-4766 or visit us on the web at for more information!

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