Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today you get to see the finished framing on the main compartment. They installed tongue and groove paneling in the interior so they added more backing in the framing. The paneling will be glued and nailed to the vertical members.

Here is a side view from the doorway looking up at the ceiling framing that was completed back to the rear hatch.

The first addition of the paneling can be seen in the next pic. This happens to be
a structural member that divides the sleeping compartment from the galley. This paneling is screwed through the floor and sides to make the walls strong and plumb.

All of the face frames for the
cabinets were built in the shop and they should be finished by the end of the day. They won't be installed the same day unless Chris or Kent make a trip back to the shop after they are dry. Other items started on today are the side doors and the countertop for the galley.

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