Tuesday, December 27, 2011


People have looked for ways to decorate ceilings since they were first invented. The stone coffered ceilings left behind by the Greeks and the
Romans are some of the earliest examples of this.

Wooden beams are a ceiling feature most people would associate with Colonial American buildings. You expect to see rafters in older homes. These load bearing beams support the roof or floor if there is a 2nd floor. The weight they could withstand was based on the material of the beam to resist bending. Today, those same beams serve a more esthetic function.

We've built beam ceilings in a number of homes. In our times, these beams can be extremely decorative and have a rustic or country feel. They help create a sense of space and sturdiness.

The pics in this blog are from a home we're working on right now. This home is part of the Southern Utah Parade of Homes. The first pic shows the ceiling after we've
chalked it out and mapped out where the beams will actually go. This is the 1st Bedroom. Pic #2 shows us hanging the beams. Both the third and fourth pics show the beams after they've been hung. You see the finished product from both sides of the room.

The 2nd Bedroom doesn't have beams so the next room we see is the 3rd Bedroom. Once again you can see the lines chalked out, the guides being set in and finally, the ceiling with the beams in place. I will post more pics showing other rooms and other designs as this particular house used a lot of beams in the ceilings. Enjoy the photos!


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