Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 It's been another busy week at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  These are some final pics of the Cannon residence.  We went by to change some hinges and finishing some punch list items.  All of the hinges are now soft close.  For those of you who don't know, upgraded soft close hinges gently close your doors and drawers.  They take over and finish the job once you've closed it a portion of the way.  It also prevents slamming doors or other rough handling.  They're pretty cool and I think Cannon's will be happy they decided to upgrade.
 The first two photos I will share are both of the library.  The first pic shows the bookcase.  They've already started filling the shelves, but I love that because you can see how functional and nice the shelves are.  The second pic shows the desk we built in and more shelves above in a two piece unit.  Put in a small rubber mat and a chair and you'll have an excellent computer area.
These next two pics are both of the guest bathroom.  As you can see, there's the vanity and a drawer unit, but there's also a taller cabinet attached to the base units. This shelf unit is probably 
for storing towels or even clothes.  You could also fill is with tissue or other cleaning products.  No matter what you fill it with, it was a great idea and I like the way it creates a step on the counter top. 
 The next pics I wanna show you are some of the Kitchen photos.  I took a lot of pics here, but the lighting was bad and most of them didn't turn out.  For example.  The first pic I took was of the island.  As you can see, it's very dark even with the natural light coming in through the window.
 The next photo shows the full kitchen, however, like its counterpart, it's quite dark.  Still you can see how much different it is from the previous pics I've shown from this house.  Especially the hood.
 Here's the center upper.  This corner cabinet is an upper lazy susan and you can also see the microwave shelf we added.  You get a good view of the uppers on either side of the corner cabinet.  You can also see some of the small appliances and boxes already loaded into the kitchen.
This pic shows the cabinet over the refrigerator.  The fridge was delivered fits perfectly in the space we built for it.  It's very handsome and the accented crown molding helps to bring out the darker colors of the appliances.  The fridge cabinet juts out a little more than the rest of the uppers.  It's also a little taller.  In the case of this kitchen, that helps out a lot with the additional hood top we added.  I'll show you that in the next pic.
 Originally, the lower part of the hood was all we built.  The line was supposed to come out of the wall and into the back of the cabinet.  Unfortunately, when we delivered the job, the line was coming down from the ceiling and we needed to produce an additional piece to cover it.  We worried that covering the line all the way to the ceiling would through the alignment of the upper cabinets off and create a disproportionate look in the kitchen.  Fortunately, this didn't turn out to be the case.  The hood top looks quite regal and gives the upper bank a rich appearance.
 This photo shows the interior of the Kitchen island.  I've got another pic of this unit further on, but I wanted to show the functional cabinets first and the shelf unit afterward.  By now, the granite counter top was installed so you can see how it blends with the finish on the cabinets.
 Here's the corner below the lazy susan cabinet.  To the right you see the stove and to the left, there's the dishwasher.  That cabinet directly left of the stove is a spice cabinet.  The corner unit is a drawer unit.  An interesting location, but one that is aesthetically pleasing.  
 This bank of lower units is on the east wall.  The cabinet furthest right is the sink cabinet and sits next to the dishwasher.  The cabinet to the left of it is the trash bin.  It's a pull out trash cabinet!  These units are so cool.
Here's another addition we did to the Kitchen.  They needed a space for the microwave, but it wasn't included in the original plans.  We built this open back shelf to hold the microwave. 
 Here's another pic of the island cabinets.  This one sits on the south side of the island and is a basic shelf unit.  It's finished on the inside because it sits open and the shelves are also finished.  I thought this was a great addition to the look of the island.  You don't see open shelf units like this very often, but when you do, they always provide a wonderful variation that helps create a unique look.
 These two sets of uppers are to the left of the east window above the sink.  Sadly, I wasn't able to get a good shot of them.  It was raining on the day I took these.  But when I tried to catch the pics, the sun came out and just dazzled the interior of the house.
 The final pic from Cannons is the master bathroom.  This double sink bank looks amazing with the counter top in place.  I love the way the granite and tile came together to create a blended color throughout the entire room.
 Last week, Goodwin Mill And Cabinet, also delivered and installed a job in the Dixie Springs area for Rock Solid!  For those of you who follow my tweets, you'll know all about this because I tweeted the progress of the job all day.
 I also posted some pics of the cabinets after we delivered them on our Facebook page.  For the sake of continuity, I decided to post them here as well and give you the chance to see them.
 We hauled all the cabinets into the main area adjacent to the Kitchen and set them there first.  Then we started moving them into position.  The second pic shows the cabinets I'd moved into the master bath.  They're set up and ready to be installed.
This final pic shows the upper cabinets in the Kitchen staged and ready to go up.  We usually start in a corner and work our way out.  But all the uppers are laid out before we set the first one.

So that's about it right now.  We're already assembling two more jobs and getting ready to deliver as quickly as possible.  We should have another Rock Solid job delivered and installed before the week is out as well as a couple smaller jobs.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is moving right along, but we've got plenty of time to add your work to our schedule.  Call today and set up your appointment to design your cabinet layout!  Then, choose Goodwin Mill And Cabinet to build your cabinets!  We're ready to go to work!

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