Monday, December 3, 2012


Whew!  I know what you're thinking...  Where the heck have you been?

Well the answer to that question is quite simple.  I've been BUSY!  The holidays aren't going to be relaxing and easy at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet this year, they're going to be super exciting, with lots of work.  Since the last time I posted, we've done many jobs.  We've turned out so much, my time is spent in the shop getting things ready to go.  I haven't been out on installs, so I haven't been able to provide you with pics of some of the new homes we've installed in.  But I want to remedy that a little bit.

 This first photo is a job we did and you're seeing an after pic.  Not a before pic.  I wish I'd gotten a before pic because the difference is quite amazing.  This is a butcher block island for a kitchen.  The island was sold along with a townhome and the previous residents completely destroyed it.  They'd cut into the cabinet with knives, chipped out portions, drawn on it with crayons and it had also suffered a degree of water damage.  The original color of the island was a natural color.  We sealed and finished it without applying an artificial color stain or glaze.  However, against the light colored wood, the defects and damages were extremely clear.  We decided to use the damage to our advantage.  First, we removed the butcher block table top and planed it down.  This allowed us to remove the unsightly cuts and damages caused by carving.  Then we sanded the top.  Next, we cleaned the cabinet and doors.  We used scotch brite pads to sand away the crayon wax, remove signs of water damage and smooth out deep cuts.  Next, we distressed the surfaces further and then went over the entire box and doors with a dark glaze.  We put a sealer coat on and then a finish.  In the end, the island looks antique and the damage appears to be part of the finish.
 Right now we have two homes sitting in the staging area ready to install.  Both are properties by James Cheney over at Rock Solid.  This first set of cabinets is colored with a Burnt Almond stain.  As you can see in this pic, the cabinets are ready to be loaded and delivered.
 I took this pic so you could see the color a little better and because I wanted to show the detail in the door.  These doors are made in what we call, "Colonial-lll" style.  The panels are raised in the center of the door.  They're very similar to other cabinets we've done for Rock Solid, and every single time they look incredible.  That Burnt Almond is a lovely color.
 The other job is also in the staging area and are ready to be loaded.  Like the other Rock Solid job, this one features raised panels in the "Colonial-lll" style.  However, this one has a different finish.  It's a whitewash glaze color we call Early Harvest.
In this photo, you can see a closer view of the doors.  You also get a better sense of the color.  What I love most about these lighter colors is the way they can adapt in different light.  They pull in the color around them and that changes the way you see the actual color.  These cabinets are better suited to color matching in the Kitchen and other areas.  The right counter top will make the cabinets really sparkle.  As will a dramatic paint or accent.

As always, you know who to call if you're ready to order cabinets or have your existing cabinets spruced up.  A new kitchen is also a wonderful gift idea for that special someone in your life.  Call Goodwin Mill And Cabinet today for your woodworking needs and let us help you make this a season to be jolly about.  Call today!

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