Thursday, December 13, 2012


 It's a busy holiday season at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  We're working on a home for the Cannon family in the Highlands subdivision of Green Valley.  For those of you who aren't familiar with St. George, Green Valley is an area of town well known for its tennis courts and golf courses.  It's a beautiful subdivision and the homes are all magnificent.  I love it up there and this house is incredible.  We watched some of the other subs working on the job and everyone was doing such a fantastic job...  This is going to be an incredible home and I can't wait to show you how it looks when it's finished.  
These first two pics are the Guest Bath and the Master Bath.  Cannons have chosen an Antique Brown color with a flat panel door.  This color has a great quality to blend in with colors around it.  When I took the pics, both bathrooms were full of natural light and it was hard to keep the pics from turning into bright splotches.  Still, both bathrooms were done rather quickly and then it was off to the Kitchen. 
The first pic I'm gonna show is the opening where the refrigerator goes.  There are two full length finished panels running down both sides with an upper cabinet spanning the two.  The fridge will go directly beneath the cabinet.  This pic has a more normal light to it and you can see the shading in the wood grain thanks to the antique brown.  It dramatically accents the grain to give strong degrees of color variation.  That's why this particular glaze is great for matching with other things like granite, tile, paint, etc. etc.  It pulls in the light and color around it.
 Next to the fridge opening, there is a small upper and then the range hood.  This piece is the highest set upper in the entire Kitchen.  As you'll see in a future full Kitchen photo, this hood is quite majestic and we may add an additional piece at the top to accommodate the vent coming down from the ceiling.
 Next to the hood, you have the remaining uppers for this wall.  The two outer cabinets are both fairly thin and the cabinet in between them will have an additional piece hanging down where the microwave will sit.  That piece is still being manufactured but we should have it finished and in place quite soon.
 The last wall we looked at was the south wall.  This is the east wall and as you can clearly see, there is a lot of bright sunshine streaming in during the morning hours.  This first pic shows the two uppers on the right side of the window.  The window will sit above the sink with upper units on either side.
 In this pic, you can see the corner upper and the two uppers that extend over to the window.  You can also see Kent Goodwin working on the base units.  We were able to install this Kitchen plus the two bathrooms in 7 hours.  There is an additional room, but the flooring isn't ready.  We'll have to go back and finish that room along with any changes.
This photo shows the base units on the east wall.  You can see the sink unit, the space for the dishwasher; plus the other base units.  You can also see some of the island in this pic.  Well, mostly korbels, but some of the island. 

The final photo in this set shows the island from inside the Kitchen.  Look at that amazing difference in the appearance just from exposure to light.  The middle and right base units look extremely light while the left base looks dark.  This is a great finish and it's versatile.  I absolutely love it!  The Cannon's Kitchen is looking fantastic and I hope to go back when the counter tops are on to get more pics.  I can't wait to see what it looks like then.

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