Friday, December 21, 2012


 It's another busy day at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  Yesterday we delivered Rock Solid's Millcreek house and we're cutting our next two jobs out today.  The pics I want to show you today are of the last home we did for Jim McArthur.  I actually went to school with Jim and it's awesome to see him again after so many years.  He's building some great homes in the Green Valley area and Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is proud to be a part of such fine work!  I want to do another post on this house when the counter tops are in and I'll show you the whole structure not just the cabinets in progress.  The first photo is showing the east wall of the Kitchen and I wanted to show the upper bank.  As you can see, there are two double door uppers on both sides and then a range hood.  It's a well balanced set up and it looks great too.
 The lower banks are similar but not exact.  You've got a double drawer and door set to the left of the Range and a drawer bank and single drawer and door set to the right.  That piece of wood spanning the Range opening is actually a piece of crown molding we haven't put up yet.
 Moving over to the north wall, you have the Fridge opening with a cabinet above and then a two door upper and lower.  As you can see, the cabinet above the Fridge space is where the crown molding from the previous pic will fit.  You've also probably noticed these doors are flat panels.  They look awesome and give the Kitchen a rustic feel.  They're made from knotty alder; which also gives it an old fashioned appeal. 

 Next up is the Laundry or Utility Room.  This room has a set of uppers and base units on the north and south sides of an east wall.  This first pic shows the southern upper set and if you look at the extreme left, you will see a rod extended out.  This rod spans the space taken up by the washer and dryer below and is perfect for hanging clothes.
 This photo shows the south end base unit.  It's a simple two door shelf piece, but as you will notice in the next photo, it's not as wide as the northern base.  This photo also turned out kinda dark. 
 This is the northern base and you can see the flat panels in the doors much more clearly than in the other.  As I mentioned earlier, the washer and dryer will go between these two base units.
 This is the northern end upper unit.  You can see the rod coming into the cabinet.  You'll also notice, it's only a door two shelf unit where the southern cabinet is a three door shelf unit.
 This is the master bath.  The two vanities are separated by a drawer unit.  All of the drawer units have handles while the door cabinets have knobs.  I really like the color on the hardware for this job.  It looks great and with the different shading in the crown molding, the handles and knobs really stand out.   
 Back in the Kitchen, I wanted to show a couple more pics of the upper cabinets.  I wanted you to see the difference in color between the crown molding and the flat panel doors.  Here are the uppers on the east wall again.  This time with hardware on .
 And here is the north wall with Fridge opening.  The crown is on now and so is the hardware.  This crown proved a little tricky because the wall it runs into is on an angle.  We didn't want the crown to simply end abruptly, so we needed to cut a filler piece and the crown on the angle.
 This photo is my attempt to show you the angle cuts.  The crown is probably more obvious than the filler piece because it has more definition and you can see the way it angles better.  You also get a closer view of the difference between the cabinet color and the crown.  I love the blend here.  Using a darker crown to accentuate the flat panel doors is a great way to make a simple door design more elegant and pleasing to the eye.  It opens up the cabinets to even more blending with the tile floors, counter tops and wall paint.  All in all, this Kitchen turned out lovely!  And I'm sure the buyers of this house will love the cabinetry as much as we enjoyed making it!  If you're interested in the Green Valley area, give Jim McArthur a call.  He's doing some amazing work there.  As I mentioned earlier, once this property gets done, I'll take more pics and show you the whole house.  Until then, don't hesitate to contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet for any of your woodworking needs!  We're also looking forward to bidding and doing your cabinet work!  Refacing, remodeling or brand new sets...  We can do it all!  Give us a call and we'll go to work!

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