Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Goodwin Mill And Cabinet recently had the opportunity to do the reception area for the Brain Balance Achievement Center in St. George, UT.  This institution is a place where children with autism or other learning problems can learn how to function more fully.  I'm not sure of all the specifics and I hesitate to say more without reading up on the subject.  The goal of the company is to help kids and that's what I think is important.  Click on the link to their site to learn more about them.
 The first pic shows the reception area as it appears when you walk in the door.  Instead of doing a barback along the back of the cabinets, we did this alternating wainscoting.  Black, white, black, white...  This then becomes the counter space for clients as they arrive and check in.  We ran black base along the bottom of the base cabinets and this wainscoting, but we ran white crown and light rail on the upper units.
 Here's the first of the two upper units.  As you can see by the two pics, both are open shelved pieces and sit on either side of the door.  There's a hanging light somewhat obscuring the first cabinet.
 This one you can see more clearly.  You can see the white crown and the light rail on the bottom of the unit.  The interior of the cabinet is black and the shelves are painted black to match.
 By the time I got these pics, the center was already open and the reception area was a busy work place as you can see here.  Because the cabinetry is black, you might have a hard time distinguishing between cabinets.  There are basically, two drawer banks behind that chair.  They are go to the wall with another drawer bank on the far right side against the wall over there.
In this photo you see the space between the drawer banks is open below.  It's all desk.  It's interesting to note, they went with a black counter top and a white chair to carry through the color scheme.  Most of the wall treatments and furniture follow along these same lines.  The splashes of color are everywhere and are quite dynamic.  Your eyes are drawn to them.  Even though I think the reception desk is extremely cool, I love the way it blends in the background.  With such dramatic colors, you'd think it would stand out in a shocking way.  But it doesn't.  It's very subdued.  You can see the hand of a professional designer at work here.
It's exciting to do work in homes and business'.  It's especially satisfying to do work for places like this.  Places that do something noble like help kids.
Goodwin Mill And Cabinet is a company geared towards helping our clients achieve their goals.  Call today and let one of our design staff help you envision and achieve yours.

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