Monday, July 2, 2012


 Re/Max Associates is moving to a new location in St. George!  And JMI Constructors is remodeling the building for them.  Goodwin Mill And Cabinet was brought in for a couple items.  Most of the furniture that is non-attached will be coming from Re/Max's previous offices.  Our work involved the pieces that needed to be installed in the building itself.  This was an interesting job for a few reasons.
 There were basically two areas of concentration for us.  One was the foyer/front desk area and the second was a conference room area.  The cabinetry in the conference room are the first ones pictured and as you can see, it's a cinnamon color stain.  The first pic shows a three door upper unit with a drawer bank and attached desk below.  The second pic shows a two door upper. 
 This particular cabinet is somewhat off on its own.  I did want to give you a better view of the cabinet without the long wall behind it taking up all the space in the picture.
 The far wall was home to this massive construct.  Although I'm not sure what it will be used for, I suspect the opening in the center will house a flat screen television.
 The entry/front desk area is comprised of some very interesting colors.  The blueish gray color is a glaze treatment that happens in two steps.
 In the first photo, you see the bar back (or in this case, front) of the cabinets with korbels.  These will face the client with granite counter tops.  The second pic shows the lower cabinets behind the receptionist.
 The third pic was hard to get because it sits beside a window with lots of light coming in.  The light glare ruins the picture, but you can see between the three drawer banks, there are two sitting areas.
 With this fourth pic, I wanted to try to give you a closer look at the drawer fronts, the color scheme and the build up where the granite will go along the top of the cabinets to cover the space where chairs can slide in.  As soon as I get a couple pics of the finished area, I'll post them.  For now you'll have to settle for these.  But I think they're still amazing.  What a great color!
Here's another close up of some drawer fronts and cabinet doors.  The lighter gray colored areas are recessed on the panels.  It's an unusual style and quite out of the ordinary for us.

The offices look fantastic!  I'm sure it will be phenomenal when it's finished.  I'll get some final pics and post them along with a link to Re/Max Associates website.  Just goes to show you, Goodwin Mill And Cabinet does great work in Commercial construction as well as residential.  Stop by today if you're thinking about upgrading your business appearance or if you're planning on building new offices.  Sit down with a design specialist and let us help you create a unique set of cabinetry that will show off your business just like Re/Max Associates.

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