Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Once again Goodwin Mill And Cabinet has teamed up with Rock Solid to create another masterpiece in the Dixie Springs community!  This little home is absolutely gorgeous as the pics will demonstrate.  I'm gonna start this gallery in the Kitchen.  This first pic is of the lower cabinets sitting right in the corner angle of the kitchen layout.  There's a drawer bank on the right and a shelf unit on the left.  That center cabinet is a Lazy Susan.
 The second pic shows the uppers in the same corner. The center cabinet is the interesting piece here.  It's flanked on both sides by two shelf units.  This is a great set of cabinets and those can lights really help to accent the stain color. 
 Here's a wide angle shot to give you a better idea of what the kitchen layout looks like.  There's a south wall and an east wall with cabinets.  The south wall has the opening for an oven and microwave hood. The east wall has an opening for the fridge.
 This lower is a shelf unit with two drawers up top.  It's also to the right of where the cooktop oven will sit.  The area to the right of it will be the dining area for the entire home.

The uppers on the south wall are all shelf units.  You can see the space for the microwave hood.  If you notice, the tile backsplash also ends with the uppers and continues on with regular painted walls.  It's quite lovely.  They picked a very subtle paint and it helps the backsplash stand out.  The counter top also possesses a soft tone that brightens the wood.

 I wanted to point out to you that this is not a shelf unit.  This is the entrance to a hidden pantry.  It seems these concealed pantries are all the rage right now.  These panels are awesome when they're done and really give you a sense of grandeur in a kitchen.  These cabinets look like pantries unto themselves.  Imagine the surprise you would feel opening this cabinet and finding a room with shelves and all kinds of food storage...

 Here's a wide shot of the whole East wall.  You can see the upper over the space where the fridge will be and the finished panels on both sides of it.  You also get a side view of the Pantry door.  The next two pics are of the island.  The first one

 Yep, here's the island.  We'll be seeing if from two sides.  This first view shows it from the inside and you can clearly see the space for the dishwasher.  The sink is also part of the island.
 The outside of the island looks a little different in color mainly because the sources of natural light change drastically from one angle to the next.  It was impossible to preserve the golden look of the kitchen in this photo.  Too much natural light.
 This is the full kitchen as seen from the Living or Great Room.  You can see the tile floors, those delightful hanging lights and the backsplash.  It's not the biggest kitchen we've done, but it is a great one!

 Here's the master bath.  I'm actually including two pics even though there's only one combined unit.  I'm just showing it from both vantage points.  I think the tile is the same as from the Kitchen.  The counter top is the same color as well.
 This double vanity is the only cabinetry in this room.  Sometimes we do uppers on the side with a valance, but this is all the buyers wanted so it's what we did.  I love these side by side vanities.  I think they're awesome!
 The powder room or guest bath has this simple vanity.  There's a sink and a drawer bank.  I should've posted a pic of the entire bathroom because it's very nice!  For a second bathroom, it's done well.  Rock Solid does great work folks!
 These last three pics are all of the Utility room.  This room has a folding table and then a base cabinet with an upper above it.  Directly right is where the washer and dryer will go.  This pic shows the base unit by itself.  The upper is directly over it, but I wanted to showcase the cabinets individually.  These units all feature tile counter tops.  The base unit here is a shelf unit with a drawer at the top.
 This is the folding area directly across from the base cabinet.  It's a row of three shelf units with a tile counter top.  It's a great idea!  I've seen counter space in laundry areas before but nothing quite like this piece.  It's a great idea to have a space like this.
Here's the Utility room upper.  It's a basic shelf unit with finished sides.  There's not a lot of custom work in this room, but it looks great!

If you're interested in building a home in Southern Utah, especially in the Dixie Springs area, you should contact James Cheney at Rock Solid.  They build great homes and offer their clients an excellent experience in building a home.  You should also call Goodwin Mill And Cabinet!  We'll help you design your cabinet layout.  You can design cabinets that fit your needs rather than adjusting to what's there.  We can bring your dream Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry room to life.  Call today.

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