Thursday, August 23, 2012


This blog covers a couple jobs Goodwin Mill And Cabinet did a little while ago.  It's taken me some time to get caught up on my entries and sort through all my pics.  The first pics are a job we did for a family named England.  This Library consists of two full length wall units.  The first unit has three upper shelf boxes, and four base boxes.  There are two drawer banks on the end and two
regular shelf units in the middle.  Once installed, the two complete sections are almost mirror images of each other.  It's a beautiful library with overhead can lights.  The first two pics are of the same unit.  The third pic shows the second unit and you can see the obvious difference clearly.  This one has four upper shelf boxes and the base boxes are all drawer banks.  We consider these pieces
a Library, but in reality, the shelving is perfect for displaying just about anything from fine china to all sorts of knick-knacks.  You could use it to display pictures in frames.  The drawer banks and base cabinets are excellent for storing materials you wouldn't have space for on a shelf; like an almanac or some over-sized coffee table books.
 The next couple of photos are the entertainment center created for the Great Room at the Cheney house.  The unit has six base units.  All of which are drawer banks.  The upper consists of eight boxes.  There are two shelf
units with doors on both ends of the top half.  You can see in the second pic, how the depth is staggered.  The crown molding cuts back twice on each end.  I love the way this was designed.  The third shelf unit on each end is open.  The eighth box is the box you see the flat screen television in.  You might assume the section directly above the TV is the remaining box, but it's actually the thin short section below the TV.  That space was built to house boxes like Blu-ray or DVD players.  It's also important to point out the upper section sits atop a solid wood counter.  It's an awesome piece and is the result of our designers working with Mr. Cheney to create a center that would fit his needs.

Wow, if you've been considering adding some specialty cabinet work in your own home, now's the perfect time to contact Goodwin Mill And Cabinet.  As you can see, we work with our clients to create exactly what they need.  From Libraries to Entertainment Centers...  We can design and build to fit your space.  Call today for an appointment!

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