Monday, March 19, 2012


The brothers did get a little time this weekend to work on a few things. Kent continued to work on the side doors. This view shows the trim painted black and inserted in the opening. He also has the frame for the other side made and fit into the opening. As you can see he has cut the opening for the round window. Kent is a real craftsman and has done a great job with the doors and paneling. He also has a great sense of color.

While Kent was working on the doors, Chris started on the hatch door. It is a challenge to make but he thinks it's starting to turn out ok. He put the top and bottom rails together and then screwed the frame where he wanted it. Next, he installed the remaining spars and corner blocks to make it ridged. You can see that he framed the openings for the tail lights also.

Here is another view of the hatch door raised up. When Chris was ready to lift it he removed the screws that held it in place and it remained in it's original shape and appears to be working pretty well. They will be installing the skin on the outside shortly and running wires to the lights.

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