Friday, December 30, 2011


There's been some progress and things are starting to look up. The doors were refinished and mounted. They look much better but they are still not happy with them and they may rebuild them either with Lyptus or they may just make Maple doors so the counter top contrasts the cabinets. If they decide to do that, it will be after the rest of the trailer is finished. They are starting to build in the cabinet partitions as you can tell from the pictures. The open cabinet will be drawers. They
have the fronts done but not the drawer boxes.

The cabinet frame is mounted and the partitions are in place. These cabinets will have the same herring bone paneling that the walls have. It should be a nice accent.
All of the casing around the door will also be black and there will be a shallow shelf on the wall that will be black also. Here is the pic of the paneling installed on the side wall. You might wonder what happened to the door that was cut into the side. Well they put the plywood back into the opening and screwed it in place so that they could install the wood tiles over the top of the door. That way when they cut the door out this week all the tiles will match up on the door. They think the paneling is turning out awesome!

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