Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The next step in building the trailer was installing cabinets and paneling. As mentioned before, the brothers were using scrap materials for this construction. You can see here they made the counter tops out of waste maple and lyptus wood creating the checker board pattern. This pattern was used on the doors as well. The doors are made of maple and cherrywood because they didn't have enough lyptus to do them. The contrast isn't as great, but the cherry will darken over the next few years and the contrast should become similar. The brothers were not entirely happy with at this stage and have some ideas about adjusting the finish to make it look better. The center upper door is actually the size of a chess board oddly enough. If you were inclined, the piece could be taken down and used for a game of chess or checkers.

The next pic is a view of the little under mount sink they put in. It will eventually have running water that is heated. This will make cooking and clean up a lot easier. The other object you can see cut into the backsplash in the first pic is the power converter that will change 110 volts to 12 volts DC for the operation of lights, etc. etc. The opening in the middle of the base cabinets is for a little stove that has gas burners on the top and a little oven in the front.

The next pic is taken from the inside of the sleeping compartment. You can see the back of the power converter sticking through the back of the backsplash. This space will become the electrical chase for panels and wiring. A face frame will attach to the front of the black shelf hiding all of the electrical and giving easy access. They think they have the electrical figured out but hope more electrically inclined relatives will check it over and make sure. you can also see in this pic that they changed the interior paneling to a wood tile pattern. This makes it easier to use scrap material. Kent distressed the tiles and finished it in a cinnamon sugar glaze.

The final pic shows the black face frame that will go on the bedroom side. The doors will be a black glaze with rubbed burnished edges. It is a nice accent with the cinnamon sugar finish. We have some dividers and electrical chases to install and then the frame will be fastened into place.

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