Friday, October 5, 2012


 Here's an interesting turning Mike did at Goodwin Mill And Cabinet the other day.  We were asked to create a replica of a bottle so the company could make a mold out of it.  Mike turned it like a regular post.  He was given a banner with the size of the bottle they wanted appearing as a graphic.  He carefully cut one side of the banner off so he had a profile of the bottle exposed.
 He then traced the profile to a piece of material.  This material can be put in the post turning machine and it will read the shape and cut the post to match.  Once he's got the profile on the material, he cuts it out using a band saw.  Once it's cut, he sands the outline until it's exactly right and ready to be loaded in the post turning router.
 As you can see in the first couple of pics, the post comes out with a crown piece at the top.  Mike cut that piece off and sanded the top to look more like the top of a bottle.  The final product looks like what you see here.  This photo shows the post after it's been cut down and sanded to give it completely smooth sides.  It matches the bottle profile exactly.
 I'm including this pic to show you how we got the bottle profile.  This banner is the one we cut to make the template for the bottle.  For the record, this is also the company who hired us to create the post.  I wanted to show this because it's a great example of how versatile Goodwin Mill And Cabinet really is.  If you're looking for something specific, we can probably do it.  We have the craftsman daring enough to try just about anything and the tools to make even the most complex ideas come to life.  Isn't it time you called Goodwin Mill And Cabinet for your project? 

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