Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is the 3rd and final entry for this series. I'm going to show some pics of the finished ceilings throughout the Jones house so you can see how everything turned out. These pics are also included in galleries supporting the Parade of Homes on the website and here in the blog.

The first pic is the entryway. You can see the five beams we put up there. It was a bit on the crazy side. We needed some tall scaffolding to get up there and then we had to lift them up and hold them in place while we secured them. We later used scaffolding again to attach the corbels used along the edges to build up the sides. That was a bit on the scary side, but still fun and we're proud of the way these beams turned out. Just great!

Next up are the beams in the dining area. This small space actually has a lot
of woodworking going on. And these two crossed beams are an amazing addition. The biggest problem we faced when we set out to install these beams was the best way to position the beams so they would line up in some way with the flow of the house and the room it was adjacent to. We were also forced to cut one of the beams in two to accommodate the look. We initially intended to fit them together using a cut in each beam, but time forced us to cut one beam in half and create the illusion of solid wood.

The next photograph is the master bedroom. Here we did a similar thing by criss-crossing the beams. The actual number of beams used in this room is four. Two long beams across the length of the room and two shorter beams that were cut to fit around the longer two... The two smaller beams were also smaller in
height giving the illusion of being less substantial.

The next pic is the 3rd bedroom. This bedroom consisted of three long beams running the length of the room and ending on either side in curving walls. These walls required some careful scribing to make sure the beams fit up tight and looked like they carried through.

The final pic is the 4th bedroom and it is just like the previous bedroom. Three beams running the length of the room and ending in curved walls. These beams needed to be scribed as well.

And that concludes this edition of Decorative Ceilings. You can learn more about beams and other ceiling designs by visiting Goodwin Mill & Cabinet on
the web.

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